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Full Version: Ninja Gaiden 3
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First impression: This game is fucking trash! Terrible camera, it spawns the same wave of enemies over and over. Poor Auto-targeting. Block is near useless when the enemies are off screen because of the camera. The thing most of all that makes it most frustrating is when the framerate starts to drop, when there is a lot of dudes on screen, or dudes with rocket launchers, when this happens the game drops button inputs. You there trying to block, fight back, or dodge and nothing happens.

Avoid this game!
Have you recorded any videos of it? I'd like to see your real time feedback on it, if its really this bad!
Yeah. I'm making videos. I'll try to get them up some time tomorrow.
Vitamin D
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was the reason I didn't immediately buy this. I loved the X Box one, but then when Itagaki left, Team Ninja somehow added more to the game and made it worse. I still feel I want to play this, but maybe when it's a lot cheaper.
So I made some videos that hopefully show off the issues with the game. I just have to make video and sound edits to trim then upload to youtube.

But, I am playing on hard because I think that is how it is meant to be played. A lot of the issue I've run into has to do with Hard mode having more enemies on you compared to normal. It causes the framerate to dip which results in the controls becoming unresponsive it really fucks with your game and strategy. Then there are the other issues that I mention above and that I also mention in the video that is coming. Been reading on Neogaf and gamefaqs, there are a ton of folks that are NGB and NG2 vets have the same issues and complaints about the game.

The game has issues that is not related to the higher difficulty quirks. There is no exploring, all you do is go from gated area to gated area to fight wave after wave after wave of the same enemies. It's so repetitive.
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