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Full Version: The Avengers
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Vitamin D
I caught a 12:02 screening this early morning and I'm still buzzed from the utter epicness. It surpassed my expectations in so many ways. My favorite thing about the movie is they did a great job of balancing out the spotlight for the heroes, even Black Widow, though I still feel she was pretty out of place haha. While I say that though, I think The Hulk stole the show. It's something that's apparent when he makes his first appearance, SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

Oh, and there's actually 2 post movie teasers. One is an actual teaser MOTHERFUCKING THANOS! that happens shortly after the movie ends, and the other is at the very end of the credits and is more for fun. You can honestly just stay for the first one, but the second one is also great haha.

Anyway, probably the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Full of action, great pacing, and pretty hilarious to boot. I was a little worried about it because the movies leading into it fluctuated in quality, but this completely makes up for them. Go see this shit! guitarist.gif
I agree they did a real good job of balancing out all the heroes to give them just screen time.

This was a movie I was really excited to see last year, but lost interest over time (thinking it would be messed up in some way). I was going to skip it but got dragged to it. Definitely the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time.

It was pure comic book goodness. Joss Whedon understands the personalities in the room, something he also did well in Astonishing X-men series. He gets it.

Hopefully we can get some Ant-Man next time. . . lol
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