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So I dunno about you guys, but I'm taking off the week to play this.
I dunno about a week, but it does look badass. I'm totally being that ninja guy. ninja2.gif

The box art is great:

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I didn't play it at pax because I didn't want to waste 2 hours of my saturday pass in line, but from what I understand, the burley dude whose been all over the place is a serious bad ass. I'm probably gonna play as Maya first since she has Aria style CC.
I think this will be a potential game of the year contender for most of the media. This and Resident Evil 6. It was Bioshock Infinite but that got delayed. The media is funny like that.

I really loved the first one. Though it was released at a very bad time during the gaming year and got overlooked by lots of folks (released around Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2). I know a lot of people really took a look at this game when they offered access to Duke Nukem Forever beta. It's a shame that is what it took in retrospect.

I am glad they are giving all the necessary PC options like FOV and proper online play in the form of Steam. Gamespy sucked ass. Finding a game you could connect to with out hacking your damn router was hit or miss. LOL.

Big things too look forward to of course more guns you know what to do with and a much more expansive world. I expect it to be like the first one with more.
So somehow this snuck up on me and is being released tomorrow (or tonight on steam)!

Who is in? I'm playing on PC, but I might double dip on the Xbox 360 one as well later.

Launch Trailer:

I've been contemplating getting this for the PC. I've got so many games I need to finish first though...
Oddies da Nerfed
QUOTE(HC82 @ Sep 17 2012, 08:32 PM) *
I've been contemplating getting this for the PC. I've got so many games I need to finish first though...

I know how you feel. Though I received a copy with my new video card so I am in!
I ended up getting a free copy of the 360 version, however I might still pick up a PC copy since I'm a fan of the options for the game.
Won a copy during a giveaway a fellow did on PSOW a while ago, gonna install it when I can soon, and give it a go once I get some free time, can't deviate too much from my current agenda. ><
Current agenda being what? Eating Cowboy Pizzas?
Coincidentally yes, I have small time gig at the pizzeria next door to make ends meet, along with art I have to finish. beigebigrazz.gif

What was on a cowboy pizza again? I could totally make one.
Ok, finally finished some stuff, installed BL2, played up to level 7 or so.

I LOVE the game so far. Never played the original Borderlands, but don't see it being a big deal when it comes to diving into BL2. Way accessible, the voice actings hilarious, and Diablo style loot hunting is always a plus.

It's nice having a game like this I can poke offline when I wanna screw around, or call someone over to game. Good stuff, I'mma go play some more now.
I've been chilling at level 45 for the past few days now due largely to the fact that I can't seem to find any time to sit down and finish out too 50, but I love a lot of the changes that were added to BL2. The grenades in particular are far more useful than they ever were in the last one. Toss it, let it hunt down your enemy, suck in everyone in the area and then explode a bunch of corrosive damage. It's awesome!

Where's everyone else as of now?
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