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Full Version: Who gives a shit about the Wii U?
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So the Wii U is out next month, and this is the first Nintendo console launch that I honestly give zero shits about.

Nothing at all about this system or its games is appealing in the slightest. What the hell is the system even trying to do? It seems like the functionality of the controller-screen is basically a console equivalent of the DS's bottom screen, except its even harder to shift focus to since its in your hands.

Technologically, it doesn't seem too far beyond PS3/360 and its already outclassed by current gen PC, and will quickly be shown up by whatever PS4/720 bring to the table.

What matters of course is the games though... but what do we have? I mean Nintendo backs on its exclusives, but what is Nintendo launching? New Super Mario Bros Wii U... yeah lets show off a hot new high-tech HD platform with... a Mario game that is designed to be retro, and looks identical to its Wii counterpart save the resolution. And what does the controller do? You help you friends by drawing blocks on screen or some shit?

Zombi U? Looks janky as fuck. Using the controller as a camera to scan shit? Come on.

Nintendo land? Fucking minigame collection piece of shit. This is supposed to be the software that shows off the functionality of the asynchronous multiplayer with the new controller... but its just a collection of games you'll try once then shelve and let it collect dust.

EDIT: Every other game releasing at launch is a port of something that's already on other platforms. BLOPS2, Assassin's Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3... etc. Hand-me-down ports of games that have already been out for weeks or MONTHS. Unless you're some kinda died-in-the-wool Nintendo loyalist you're already had the opportunity to play these games several times over. Menu screen functionality relegated to the controller screen... but how does that save you time/"keep you in the action" when you have to look away from the game to do menu shit anyways?

So what say you AT? What's the verdict on the Wii U?
Seeing as how I played my console Wii for only Monster Hunter, Xenoblade, and The Last Story... I really don't even know what the Wii U even does? It is supposed to be like a Nintendo DS, but hand held? I have no idea and really don't give a shit unless PSO 2 is coming out on it or something.

I kind of don't give a shit about anything that's not a real next gen system.
QUOTE(HC82 @ Oct 19 2012, 12:12 PM) *
I kind of don't give a shit about anything that's not a real next gen system.

Quoted for truth.
Wii U? More like pee yew.
I will pick it up eventually because I try to play everything. I don't care about Gen wars and the next gen stuff since I make sure my PC is powerful enough to blast anything the consoles will bring to the table. And there are some nice exclusive down the pipeline.

I don't expect Xbox 720 to be that much of a jump in graphics over Wii U as people seem to be expecting. They seem to be going down the casual mass market route like Nintendo did with the Wii. Also, there has been a bit of backlash on Windows 8 from developers saying it is very difficult to develop for. PS4 might actually be the graphical power house though for Next Gen consoles.

Launch titles for 720 and PS4 will be Wii U ports, bet on that. Also, I expect the install base to be huge like the Wii. But it is to be seen if gamers will actually buy the games this time around.

Wii U will be the only native 1080P capable console, for standard games (not just a handful of PSN games like PS3), on the market for at least a year. I care about this because I think upscaled shit looks like ass on PS3 and 360. Though I expect ports to be at 720p in order to keep the same experience across all consoles. I buy these ports on PC anyway.

Launch lineup looks great on paper. But who does not have a 360 or PS3, or PC to play most of these games weeks and months in advance?

I am only interested in ZombieU because I hear it's suppose to be very hardcore difficult. But I can wait because I have my PC.

No hard drive is fail.

Don't care for the screen controller, but there is the PRO controller for those that don't care for. No headset jack on the PRO controller is fail also.

I will likely get the Wii U when Monster Hunter 3 HD comes out, since it's the only game on Wii I never got around to playing. Also, Bayonetta 2 is kinda huge as an exclusive and being published by Nintendo.

Overall I am pretty up open minded about this console. But, not worth my money in within the next 6 months.
I'm not pooping my pants in excitement, but I'll still be getting it on day one. Nintendo has fallen into a good party favor for your friends who don't really game, but above all odds still like to get fucked and play a game or two in a party atmosphere.
Potentially one good reason to buy a Wii U:
QUOTE(HC82 @ Jan 23 2013, 02:50 PM) *
Potentially one good reason to buy a Wii U:

Hell yeah! Xenoblade is best JRPG I played this generation (about to crack into Ni No Kuni this week though guitarist.gif ). This looks like a follow up or sequel of some kind. But elements reminds me of PSO and Monster Hunter. It appears there will be some online with it too with the "Player 1, Player 2 . . ." and the chat box.

Also that X is totally playing off Xenogears.
Vitamin D
Yeah Nintendo just went in pretty hard haha. I was already planning to snag a Wii U for Monster Hunter and Bayonetta 2 (short developer video there).

Then Nintendo was all like "naw son", and showed off Wonderful 101, and the Xeno series related game above. Which is exciting, because I thought Xenoblade was awesome too. But THEN they were like, "Why not have a crossever between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem?" Are you serious Wendy!?

And finally they will show the new Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros game at E3. Gotta say, it all sounds pretty great. Oh and they're even doing an HD update to Windwaker? Loved that game too! Good shit, Nintendo.
I feel fully vindicated for picking up a WiiU.

QUOTE(Vitamin D @ Jan 23 2013, 09:30 PM) *
Yeah Nintendo just went in pretty hard haha. I was already planning to snag a Wii U for Monster Hunter...

Aw snap, HD Monster Hunter hear we come. Plus I read that it can be played on the gamepad alone. Playing while laying back in bed is the only way I can game now.
While I really have been enjoying the Wii U for its party purposes, I was sort of wondering if I made the right decision in purchasing it. Every single one of those games shown, especially the xeno gamemakes me feel right for getting it. I should put up my Wii U info at some point.
OK I have no idea what's going on in that video but it is fucking HYPE. Looks like monster hunter/PSO but you also drive a robot that turns into a Motorcycle? Sign me up!

...god damnit I don't want a Wii U. If Xbox 720 is actually dropping this winter like the rumors persist I will probably still get that first, but maybe Nintendo is actually pulling their heads out of their asses with the Wii U and lining up some good 3rd party games.
Pretty sure this is gonna be the generation I fall out of touch with gaming. :(
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