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Full Version: Planetside 2
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Any of you guys play this?

I've been Lonewolf-ing it (surprise surprise) and it's rather addicting but I'm getting to the point that I'm tired of being the 900th zergling to rush into machine gun fire. Anyway it's worth checking especially since it's completely free to download and play. They have the standard cash shop for cosmetic items and to allow you to unlock weapons with cash if you don't want to farm cert points. All in all it's quite a bit of fun but you really need an organized team to make things happen, as it stands a small team working well could easily take down 2-3 time their number.


Anyway if you guys wanna look at getting an outfit together let me know.
Oddies da Nerfed
I believe I am the only other person playing on here at this time. I have a TR on Connery and a Vanu on Waterson (East). Neither in an outfit, just shooting things and bouncing around the map with redeploy. I work non standard hours, so I am more or less stuck rolling with a Euro time zone crew.
I currently bounce between NC and TR on EU servers since I live over here for the time being. If we can get a 5 man team together we could probably handle small drops on unguarded station deep within enemy lines (I was in an outift in Planetside 1 that did this all the time to screw with the enemy players and get them to divert from attacking whatever the main zerg force was hitting).
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