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Full Version: AC9 photoshop
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Finally after a what seemed like an eternity, I got my internet network up and running again. @_@. But during the extra freetime I had, I decided to get into photoshop and its pretty fun. I made a self portrait of my RAcast AC9breaker. Its still not complete as a plan on adding a background,shading, and maybe even using some of the filters. I just wish i had a light pen :-/

This is the updated one. I took rippers advice and changed the arm Also it takes awhile to load before it goes to its regular size.

I would really like you guys to critic it, say give me tips advice etc. Dont worry about being sensative towards my feelings. If theres something you wanna say, just say it please.
That's an awesome drawing, the only thing I can see is that the left arm looks a little weird beigebigrazz.gif It looks shorter than the right arm, like some of it is cut off behind the gun. Other than that, awesome job king.gif
Hmm I see what you mean. Actually I was a bit unsure about that arm and was thinking of changing it. Now I know i will change it. thanks for the advice.

Anything else people? Tell me if this sounds good. Im planning on taking a pic from the game then adding it to the background. Just like Laryinn did with Rinn and the that thunder in the background. BTW that pic owns rinn I give you mad props.
I agree, very nicely done. Have fun with Photoshop. It is really quite a nice piece of software when it comes to editing.
Heh, other than fixing the arm, you added in that awesome coloring on the legs and arms, that just too cool beigebigrazz.gif
Wow, that's a really cool drawing, AC9! I like the effects on the arms and legs. We should have like a little section on the AT frontpage with member's art or something (unless we already do >_>; ). Keep up the good work. ;)
AC9 that's really cool. As for tips, if you are going to illustrate a weapon, it's not a good idea to cut it off. take some time to plan out exactly where everything will go so as not to end up with objects that extend off the "canvas". Great detail however, I am liking it a lot.

Spiffy Mr. AC! I don't think I have a lot to add as far as an actual critique, but I will agree Photoshop is great fun!
Thnx People I really appriciated all your comments. Its funny cause my art teacher would also alwys tell me that I should plan out my things before I put it on paper. Guess I still haven't learn. But thanx for the advice Dive ^-^ good reminder. Being tah Ive been busy with work,fireworks,movies and partys. Ive been to busy to work on this. But Ive already selected my background, just need to add in some shading and it will be complete. Look for the completed one soon at shoties teleport.gif
Nice work AC!! and as for Art teachers, my art teacher says the same thigns to me. I try to plan things out.... but sadly my plans never come out the way i hope they do lol. i like the arms too! i like blurry coloury-ness.
Well, It's Finally done. Hers the link to shoties where you can see the complete picture and the story behind it. crash.gif
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