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Full Version: fyi - vacation.. ^.-
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to let the members of ATHQ know - i'll be away on vacation between the dates specified above; i am heading southeast to the tropics for a family gathering - i look forward to it.. beigesmile.gif i am making preparations to leave on this evening's red-eye & if all goes well, i'll be there sometime tomorrow afternoon..

my ibook goes with me, of course - so i will check-in from time to time during my ventures (evenings..); be safe, & i shall be in full swing upon my return; blessings.. ^.-

*sigh* no dsl though, only 56k - eek! >.<
Have a fun, safe trip teleport.gif
Have fun, be safe, don't drink too much, yadda yadda yadda...
Have fun, see ya soon. Have a fun trip.
Hope you have an awesome, fun time!
Sounds like fun, have a great time. Hope to see you online when you get back.
Angel of Enders
Be good.
Wow! The tropics, eh? Can't beat that. ^.^ It looks as though you've keep the iBook under wraps and are enjoying yourself as you should be. I'm sure you'll have soak up some rays by the time you get back home. Then again... if you're anywhere near Tampa, it's been nothing but rain, rain and rain. It's even supposed to rain during the 4th of July. But then again, what else is new? Anyhow, hope everything is going well for ya. Give us an update if you get the chance. ^.-
Cool! Hope you have a great safe fun vacation...I'm thoroughly jealous of your ibook >_>;; hehe.
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