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Full Version: I'm moving too :P
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Hey guys, just wanted to let ya'll know ahead of time, I won't be on from July 7th thourgh July 14th, and a couple days before and after those dates most likely. I'm going to be moving to Arizona from Florida. It's taking a week because we're also going to visit relatives in both Illinois and Texas. Just thought I'd let you know so you'll know why I'm not on beigebigrazz.gif

PS- I've lived in Arizona for 12 years, then moved here to Florida for 5, and now I'm going back, just an interesing side note I thought I might add for anyone who might be interested beigeroll.gif
Wow, cool. Heading back to the old home, eh? If it was the same area you used to live in, things could be very weird. o.O I mean like various constructions and stuff could've taken place and everything could look different. I know something similar happened to me. It was freaky at first, but I got used to it eventually. Anyhow, have a safe trip and I hope you get back online asap, so I can finally get your guild card. ;P
So, you guys going by car?
Wow, that'd be a hell of a drive!
If so, wave when you drive thru Texas. I'll keep my eyes open for your waving hand.

We are not moving anytime soon. Stuck is my middle name
If we do get around to it, it'll have to be back to the cold. I can't deal with this heat anymore. I need cold and scenery! I wonder if there are any web jobs in Sweden?
"You want me to milk this cow? Hrm... sure, I guess, where's it's USB port anyway?"
Hehe, happy trails, Ripper! =D

If you are driving, then I feel your pain. Florida to Arizona sounds about like my drive from Virginia to Colorado. Of course, if you're taking a week to do it, it won't be too bad. I drove my route in about 36 hours, including stopping for food, sleep, etc. x.x

Anyways, like I mentioned in the PM, get in touch with me once you're settled and we'll finish up the adapter business.

Have a safe trip, and have fun visiting your family! =D
Have a safe trip.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Jul 3 2003, 09:31 AM)
Have a safe trip.

I also wish you a safe trip, and if you're going through Houston, tell me! as I am here in Houston 'till the end of August...
Yep, travel safely! Interesting how you're going from a steam room (FL) to a potential sauna (AZ of course). Then you can say: "Yeah, it's hot, but it's a dry heat!" beigebiggrin.gif
Yeah, tonight is my last night on the computer, just saying bye to some friends on AIM...Thanks guys, I'll try to stay safe beigebigrazz.gif Hopefully I'll talk to you guys again around the 20th beigebigeek.gif Well, I'll post a little more before I go, cya until sometime after the 14th!
Angel of Enders
I'll be'a watchin you now boy. If your not here'a postin by the time July 16th hit I reckon we be duelin.
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