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Full Version: T3: Rise of the Machines
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Sweet mother of god, this movie is SO damn good!

Note I was never good with identifying spoilers, but I'll try my best not to say too much.

Around the opening scene with the machines swarming was simply awesome, really great effects at work, that's one scene that'll be burned into my head for a long time. (anyone else semi pissed at how they redesigned the flying hunter killers [they still look sweet tho, but still]? oy)

T-X is evil, evil is the only word that describes her, much like Robert Patrick (T-1000), she does a REALLY good job of having the same stone cold, robotic facial expression thoughout the entire movie. Everything she does make you go "holy crap", and I mean everything. (from killing a frickin kid, to making her breast grow, haha)

I laughed a lot throughout the movie, most of the time, anything ah-nold says, I would laugh. Mostly his one liners, like "No I'm not shitting you", and "Talk to the hand" when he was jacking all that food at the AMPM, I dunno, he just has this charm with making anything sound funny throughout the movie. Even the little stupid things he did had me laughing, like when he put on those ghetto glittery sunglasses he found in his jacket.

The car chase scene was one of my favorites, I was laughin' pretty hard when the truck John was riding was being knocked around like a pinball. beigebiggrin.gif So much destruction, cars getting mashed, small buildings being ripped open. *swoon*

I loved Dr. Silbermans cameo, everyone was chuckling when he came out. His reaction when he saw the terminator was pure gold, just a look of shock, then his candy ass ran off like a little wuss.

The fight scene with T-X and T-101 in the restroom, to say the least, IS the best fight scene ever concieved, nuff said.

The movie does a real good job of following the Terminator story line, everything is simple to follow. (if you seen the first 2) The ending is just, wow, I dunno how to describe it, it was surprising, and really good.

This is definetly worth seeing again, best damn movie as of late in this recent movie recession as I call it, blows any other recent movies out of the water, even Reloaded. (yea I said it, fuck you fanboys. beigelaugh.gif )

If you haven't seen it, watch it, even if you're not a Terminator fan, good action, few laughs (the humor gets overlooked by most of the action, so don't worry) one of the better summer films.

Anyone here see it yet? Impressions?
Hey, that was quite a story you wrote there..heh. I enjoyed reading it, and you did not seem to spoil it any. It just makes me wonder more if I should go and see it. I just might now that I am seeing some good comments about it.

Thanks for the write up in it...great.
Hrm... I always thought it was really absurd that the robots would make some robot into a hot looking chick. It just seemed too much for me.
I am glad that you liked it so much.
Your words have made me rethink my initial thoughts.

I really want to see the mass of killer robots though.
It was a similar sceen in Star Wars 1 that helped me not leave the theatre for that one.
Saw it yesterday. I thought it was excellent. buttrock.gif
"Holy crap" indeed. beigelaugh.gif

I am a huge fan of the original Terminator movie, and I admit it, I had a few preconceived notions about this flick, and going in I was completely prepared for T3 to suck...was I ever wrong.

The franchise does just fine without James Cameron. In my opinion, its actually a much better Terminator movie than T2. The action is relentless and well paced, the fight scenes are really well thought out, and the humor is actually witty. More importantly, this movie manages to capture the feel of the original Terminator.

QUOTE (unitself @ Jul 3 2003, 10:39 AM)
I always thought it was really absurd that the robots would make some robot into a hot looking chick. It just seemed too much for me.

This was probably my biggest doubt about the movie. I assumed that T-X would be comprised of: Bad model acting; silly "Whoopsie broke a're terminated!" type jokes; and countless scenes involving leaning forward, bending over, and gymnastic style fighting. beigelaugh.gif In actuality, the character works amazingly well. Yes, she is a hot robo-babe, but T-X is also a thoroughly believable killing machine from the future. ^ ^

All in all, its a great flick. I can't wait for T4. beigesmile.gif
QUOTE (Bryn @ Jul 6 2003, 09:07 AM)
All in all, its a great flick. I can't wait for T4. beigesmile.gif

Let's hope it doesn't take them 12 years like it did with this one. I'm sure by that time, Arnold will have been well into retirement.
I went to see this movie on Sunday, and man it totally blew me away! I had a few doubts in the back of mind before the film started, but those were abruptly swept away as the action opened up. I'm like your average Terminator fan I guess. I'm not a nut on the series or anything, but I do like my occassional dose of Linda Hamilton. ^_^; (Too bad she wasn't in the latest installment T.T ) The storyline of Terminator is really groovy and T3 was no different in following up it's predecessors. All I gotta say is, if you really like some intense action and haven't seen this film yet, GO NOW! It's worth every bit of that admission price. ^.~
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