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Full Version: 'Lo all :)
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spinning.gif Hiya! I'm new here...looks like I may indeed know some of ya from other boards, but Mr. AC9Breaker had nothin' but good things to say about this board so I thought I'd pop in and see what's up. The smilie selection is awesome! heheeh. *waves* :D
Welcome aboard, Angel! Glad to see you come by and give us a visit. Be sure to stop by the bar and have yourself a drink. ^.^ Come check us out on PSO sometime at Altair 5 Lobby 7. Most of us are usually on around the later EST evening hours. Hope to catch ya soon. ;-)
You made a wise decision Angel. Welcome aboard.
Hiya Angel, thanks for checking out the board and make yourself at home. beigesmile.gif
welcome to our state of the art facility beigesmile.gif enjoy your stay eh?

Well, thanks for the welcome beigesmile.gif I'm sure I'll be around. It's nice to see a quality board startin' up since a few have gone/are going down. Woo! beigebiggrin.gif
Hiya Angel! Hope you have loads of fun with all of us here! buttrock.gif
Welcome Angel. buttrock.gif
Yeay, you've found me. boo.gif Now you you I hide and I seek. LoL No, but its good to see you here. Thats also one of my favorite features about here, the little smilies they got beigebiggrin.gif
Angel of Enders
*waves - offers Angel a coconut ;p* hello, Angel - welcome to ATHQ, me thinks you'll like it here - good energy & a mutual passion for our favorite video-game addiction.. beigesmile.gif if ever you need heavy firepower, then eclypse is fully armed & stands ready for battle - cheers! sniperer.gif
beigebiggrin.gif I love coconuts! They're so fun to eat--make me feel like a monkey opening em and stuff beigelaugh.gif Yep, seems this place has a mighty fine vibe.
Welcome aboard Angel!!!!!!!!! guitarist.gif
I see you have already been greeted by the coolest people on Ragol. Welcome to the board, enjoy your stay, and all that fun stuff. I don't think anyone has mentioned where we play yet, we game in Altair 5, usually meeting in Lobby 7. Stop by sometime and get a game on with AT's finest trophy.gif

Ah, Angel..didn't get a chance to say: Hiya!
I'll see you on the Pioneer sometime. And as always...rock on! guitarist.gif
*waves at Angel*

ooo Pal Rappy vs you. Too cute. ^_^

*waves hello to everyone again* Thanks so much for the warm welcome again. luna.gif
Yep, Mr. Pal gave me a run for my money too >_>;;
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