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Full Version: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
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How many people here actually remember this game in the arcade almost two decades ago? I never had enough quarters as a kid to get anywhere in this game, let alone master my character.

Probably one of the best 2D beat-em up games Capcom ever made. Now it's coming out this June, in HD, to multiple platforms (PC included) and contains Co-op online play. It contains both the original and the sequel. It's not just a simple beat em up, as it contained fleshed out character move sets (dual-wielding fighter), branching paths, secrets areas, and some cool interactive environmental areas, which were at the time kinda unique to a beatem up. Also you level up and get to equip accessories, so what's not to like? Certain enemies have different resistances and elemental attacks, so you could prepare preemptively for certain battles with different equips, giving the game a strategic aspect that simply wasn't prevalent in most beat em ups at the time.

So, this game is on my "to buy list" for sure. Who else is down?

This is a 110% lock for me to buy, I was really excited to hear this is actually getting a localized release. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think the only home console port these games ever got was a Japan-exclusive Saturn release.

I'm on the same boat as you, HC... loved the game but being arcade only could never get into the full depth it had. I love the variety of characters, how you could equip items and use different skills. The 90's Capcom character designs are fantastic too, seeing the anime-inspired take on traditional D&D archetypes.

I'll get this on XBLA for sure, maybe steam too if you guys are playing there.

On a semi-related note, is anyone else hype for Dragon's Crown? Its like a spiritual successor to this type of game, coming out on PS3 and VITA. It's got awesome sprite work from Vanillaware, the same guys that did Odin Sphere and Muramasa.

Vitamin D
Yup, instabuy for me too. I played the hell out of these games when I was younger. I never had enough money to finish, or really delve into either of them though haha. If Capcom ever re-releases Alien vs Predator, then all my personal arcade favorites of the genre will be available.

Also Crush, yes. Dragon's Crown looks effing awesome, and actually is the spritual successor to these games.

Anyway, I'm SO down for both games haha.
Hells yeah, I too am excited about Dragons Crown. One thing I wanna say though I'm a little upset at the negative criticism Dragons Crown has received because of the Art Direction it's taken for some of its female protagonists. Mostly Kotaku is to blame, (big surprise). Seems like theres a huge surge in white knight feminism reporting in the video game industry these days.
Dragon's Crown, AKA "Magical Big Titty Beat-Em Up Ho-Down" has been getting some shit for the female character designs. Mostly that people can't take the game serious because some of the female character designs are jiggle-rific beyond proportions. I am not getting how all this liberalism has been spilling into gaming. I see people arguing on the Fire Emblem boards that there is no gay marriage functionality within the game (really?). Developers can make games for the audiences they want 'period'. It's art, so it's their right, but it is also entertainment so they can discriminate to appeal to target audiences because its business. It's like complaining that a female shoe company only makes shoes for women... and not men. How is that a problem?

Anyway, granted gaming has become more diversified with its demographics, but its core is still younger male gamers. Last time I checked, some straight male gamers like jiggiling tatas, so I am not exactly surprised when I still see sexuality utilized in any form of entertainment for marketing purposes. I do feel there is a sense of juvenile usage of the female body among games that's prevalent even today and it dilutes its seriousness as an art form, but when I play games like Duke Nukem, I think it fits in perfect with those types of games because they're not meant to be taken seriously and laughing out loud while looking at some 3D jigglies makes for good entertainment. The female body can really be a crude and primal form of entertainment for men, and it's prevalent throughout history and modern society and I assure you, it will never change. You can't fight male nature, so I don't know what all the bickering it about. The only issue is that there should be boundaries since gaming is enjoyed by younger kids too; developers should be consciousness of what they create and not be abusive about sex just to make a buck.

Despite my feelings on the use of female sexuality in games, I deeply enjoy jiggling tatas, so that doesn't mean to me that it's inappropriate either, it's only appropriate in a specific setting, The fact that there are strip clubs, Sports Illustrated Magazines, Maxim and the like out there, just goes to show that men do enjoy looking at beautiful woman. The general sexualized glorification of the female body isn't really a "piggish" thing among men, so much as it is a function of how men are hardwired and what stimulates them. Its like blaming a dog for sniffing another dog's butt, it's just what they do. A man enjoys looking at a beautiful woman *ruff* *ruff*

Straight men, find the female body attractive, ergo, you will continue to see within any form of male-centric entertainment sex being a selling point. I just feel that it has its place and its often abused in poor taste.

As for Dragon's Crown, I support Big Mage Tits all day long!
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