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Full Version: Hey guys!
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Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd pop out of the shadows and say hello to my old gaming buddies! I haven't actually done much gaming myself lately -- at all, but I've friends who do and they keep me up to date. I'm personally psyched about finally trying the new Deadpool game, being such a fan of the mouthy Merc ;)

How is everybody? What's everyone playing these days? What are you all up to, otherwise? I keep hearing lots and lots about these new gen systems. What are your thoughts, all?

Thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be very thoughtful and entertaining replies ;)

Hey, it's been quite some time. Welcome back. Pretty much we just game, still, as always. The game on the upcoming horizon is, ironically, the new online Final Fantasy 14. Many of us are in the beta and we are awaiting the official release to play online as a group. Looks like your timing is impeccable, seeing as the last time you were active was when Final Fantasy 11 was in full swing.
Hey! Nice to hear from you. I'm a ghost myself these days due to work. I'm currently somewhere in the Pacific near the coast of Australia, loving and equally hating life.
Howdy stranger!

Been a while, that it has! As HC has said, many of us await the "gallant return" of FF14.
Oof! FF14. I'm afraid I'm a bit terrified of MMOs at this point, given that I got so very addicted the last time around. But it may be high time to face certain fears ;) How's everyone doing, otherwise? I feel like so many years have passed, and we might have gone on to do so many exciting things! I find myself teaching math and studying physics. Complete turn-around from before, but sometimes it takes a while to find yourself. Most of the games I play, unfortunately, are on my phone, these days. Mayhaps it's time to invest in a new system! So maybe I'll get to play FF14 with you yet, HC!

AC9Breaker, Australia? Really? That's amazing! I've met a few people from Australia, and they've all been fantastic. I don't know what it is about that country, but everyone I've met so far who's lived there has been simply awesome.

I LOVE your quote, Dark Epyon! I think newly 29-year-old me is due for an update.
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