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Full Version: Incomming Transmission
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Personal Log: Arch Magus Sav Coldhardt

Entry 301.A - 23:00 Hours.

i recieved an encrypted message today from my ears inside the lab. the military seems to have discovered a second Facility of some sort quite a distance from the Central Dome. the same D-Cellular Photons as from the ancient ruins have been detected in this facility. the military force of Pioneer2 plan to secure the facility in 72 hours, once more detailed reconisance is complete. Of coarse, i plan to beat them to it.

A small strike force consisting of the best warriors under my command will be surgicaly inserted into the central control area to assess the situation. I will lead the squad personaly. once inside, our objectives will be:

A) Eliminate Hostile Forces with extreme prejudice

B) Extract and purge ALL data from the facility mainframe before P2 Officials can hide the truth.

C) Obtain D-Cellular Specimens.

D) Loot any remaining Weapon and suply Stockpiles.

Mission prep. will begin at 05:00 Hours.

End Log Entry
Remote Log: Arch Magus Sav Coldhardt
Entry 301.B - 06:24.3 Hours
Origin: Gal Da Val Island, Central Control Facility

we are now on-site at the Facility enterance. the island is larger than we originaly estimated, i've sent three squads to recon the island.
-Squad Alpha is en-route to the Mountain area and consists of Crushinator, Alisha and Crawurm.
-Squad Beta has allready inserted into the Costal area. and includes Rogue, Lt. Retehi and Dyne.
-Squad Delta Departed last for the Jungle. and is made up of Bryn, Ripper and Hydrolic.

Myself and dive remain at the Facility Gate, Attempting to bypass Security. we've hacked through two firewalls, but have yet to find an exploitable backdoor.

Long Range sensors detect heavy activity all over the island, as well as D-Cellular Activity below the surface. there is also an unknown native beast of some sort circling the Facility. Everyone is proceeding with extreme caution.

Dive and myself will continue with our analasys, and await reports from the Recon Squad. with any luck we should be inside the Facility within two hours.

End Remote Transmission From Gal Da Val Island
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