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Full Version: Happy B-Day to AoE!!!!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
No that's not Age of Empire but our buddy Angel of Enders beigelaugh.gif

Happy B-day man,have a great day. buttrock.gif guitarist.gif trophy.gif spinning.gif
Yes, a very happy birthday to you AoE.
Angel of Enders
Oh god.... My b-day's kinda on the 13th... O.o;;
Well then I guess were gonna have to keep the party going intill the 13. Happy early BIRTHDAY WEEE!
purzeltag.gif toast.gif purzeltag.gif chocobo.gif megaman-run.gif
beigebigeek.gif Well, yeah, happy early B-Day then, and I like AC's idear of partying through the 13th beigebiggrin.gif toast.gif purzeltag.gif
QUOTE (Angel of Enders @ Jul 7 2003, 01:38 PM)
Oh god.... My b-day's kinda on the 13th... O.o;;

I'm curious to know exactly how you screwed that up, AoE? Anyhow, I already got you your Birthday gift... oh about 8 months or so ago? ;P Now if you'd only use it to get back online, you wanker. ^_^;
Angel of Enders
lol Man I still feel bad about not paying you back. I was gonna send you a Christmas Card with the money but I lost your address and I didn't wanna say anything. =P Anywayz thanks, my week won't pwn until Saturday since I have a tourny to attend.
Happy Birthday. buttrock.gif guitarist.gif shades.gif toast.gif
Well...oops, remind us on the 13th and we will though a big AT party for ya, free drinks, punch, and all (I personally prefer the punch).
Angel of Enders
I'm gonna try to renew my HL before then so maybe I'll finally get to meet some of you guys and have a block party. =P
Happy birthday for real this time.
Yes, indeed. Happy Birthday AoE! Hoepfully you got your HL renewed by now. ^.~ Perhaps I can give ya a little gift on PSO. >_> <_<
Whoo-hoo! Happy birthday, mate! =)

Hope ya have a good time today. =)

purzeltag.gif toast.gif purzeltag.gif
Angel of Enders
Thanks a lot guys it's greatly appreciated.
LOL, I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday both before and after. -.-;;;

Ah well, better belated than never. beigesmile.gif

Eh, I missed it by a day...and a few hours...HAPPY BIRTHDAY. bash.gif

Have your self a drink. toast.gif

Hope your birthday was a fun one.
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