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Full Version: the AT FAQ
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the AT Administration is working on a FAQ for those uninformed about the tribe. i'd like everyone to get in on this by posting your biggest questions about AT.

brainstorm away!
Uh, do we have rules?

"What type of people are comprised at AT?"
No immature assholes, plain and simple. If you qualify as either one of these, go play elsewhere. We don't mind a little immaturity, if it's funny. (This questions answer can be elborated on)

"Do you guys care about dupes or cheating?"
We don't care about cheating, just go easy on the ovious hacks that aren't part of the natural game. It's not like a duped Bubble Cannon is going to ruin anyones gameplay(oh WOW, you hit for 100 more damage then I do using a demo comet *cries*), but one with 100% on all 3 stats will. Offline if your business though.

"What is the AT all about?"
We are a PSO guild, but we are also gamers. We as a tribe are here to help each other out. We play as a community, and got each others backs. If your a selfish player, AT is not for you.

"How do I join AT?"
We don't just invite random people into AT...they kinda just find us...go figure. If anyone of us at AT reccomends someone, then they play with the AT...if your a cool person your in.
~bare witness to truth - ATHQ is our name, PsO is our game; play with honor & all shall be well between us.. ^.-

lol, doesn't really qualify as FAQ material, i suppose - but it makes for an interesting quote, perhaps? heh.. *blushes & heads back to work.. >.<*
"Is ATHQ a clan? Do I have to be a member of something to be a part of the forum?"

Well, that's a question I've heard asked twice. I'm sure someone in charge can word an answer much better than I. ;)
I think one of the members from one of the castes(not sure about plural) has to sponsor and recommend you, but you dont have to be an official member to post at the forums or plat with members, but members get special previlegs etc.
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