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Full Version: Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg
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Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Platform: GameCube

~i was recently introduced to playing the demo for this upcoming game...originally, i held little interest for this platform game because:

1 - i was unwares of this being a Sonic Team project.. =.
2 - it was about a character rolling chicken eggs around a 3D world.. -.O

*cough* alright, with all that aside - upon finding out who was designing this game (& me being such a zealot for PsO.. ;p), i figured - ok, why not? at first, the premise is ODD - this character - Billy Hatcher (i assume this to be his name..) - has to save the world from darkness by rolling eggs from 1 checkpoint to the next; upon doing so, he manages the care of his egg by feeding it, & yes - it grows...the size determines the level of control..

first impression - ST finally lost their sanity, too much PsO programming drove them over the edge...but after playing it - it's addictive, fun & did i mention fun? martialartist.gif the animation is clean, the character designs are really creative - truly, a mark of ST's ability & that chicken suit gets funnier everytime i short, i look forward to it.. ^.-

anyone else tried it?
I really like the graphics and clips I've seen so far. I admit, I'm still a bit skeptical. I'd like to get my hands on the demo. I think they have it on a GameCube preview disk for like $9.99 somewhere. Anyhow, the game is nice and clean huh? Nothing I like more than that. ^_^ How are the controls and camera angles? I really liked Sonic Adventure 2, but sometimes the camera angles were just.... ugh. Hopefully this one grants more freedom than that title.

Oops, fixed the typo now. ^_^; How I overlooked that, I don't know... >.>
QUOTE (Mute @ Jul 9 2003, 06:46 PM)
I really liked Sonic Adventure 2, but sometimes the camera angels were just.... ugh. Hopefully this one grants more freedom than that title.

Yeah! Camera Angels! (I promise I'm not picking on your spellin' Mute, I just get tired of being called "Angle" so I think it's nice when someone transposes "angle" into "angel." beigebiggrin.gif

I read an article on this game, and it looks pretty interesting, although initially when reading it I had the same "ST has gone bonkers" thought run through my head...hehe. I'll have to get a hold of that demo disk beigesmile.gif

Well, has anyone got this game?
The graphics look top notch. Very Sonic.
And the character models look eggcellent!
The theme music on the Sega site kicks booty!
I was, like you guys seem to be, a little hesitant about this game. But, after watching the video, I think I might have changed my mind. I have not played the demo. It be nice if I could find the disk for cheap. Seeing as how it's a few months old now and some of the games have come out already.
I played this game too lol, I can't say that I enjoy this game as much as I enjoy Sonic but it's still fun on its own. The game itself is pretty easy. Target is selling the game right now for 29.99 I believe.


There's a Rappy in the Sonic Eggs
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