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Full Version: A Cool Shot of my PSOX FOmar
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Me and a few friends were fighting falz on ult last night and I was playing with my lv112 FOmar who I haven't played as for a while and he got me cornered a few times. SInce I couldn't do anything I took the opportunity to take a quick snapshot of my FOmar. I wanted to post it up because it was a good angle and he looks Possessed with that armor on and the red eyes. [#Edit# I was gonna post it but it seems like Dynamic Pages are not allowed but the pic is in a folder at the link under my sig. The folder is called Tanith's Pics.
That is the most evilist shot ever. It is!
Wicked spooky.
Angel of Enders
Not bad at all
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