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hello all.. ^.- a gift to the forum, music ~ new ways of exchanging that which many tend to overlook; there is so much beautiful music in the world - inspirational, lyrical & methaphorical ~ all shrouded within whispers, covered by the continuous repitition of the same 5 "top-hit" industry singles - blah.. ;p

anyways, i'm inspired to create a jukebox thread - tune of the day, if something good comes my way, then i'll share it here - something unique to add musical flavor to our lives; i came across an interesting piece today, i'll set the link below - beautiful stuff.. *ponders* i could dance to this, oh yes - i can dance indeed ~ enjoy.. beigesmile.gif

pulsar bleu - hidden island

music-style ~ ambient electronica : trip hop
location ~ ingolstadt : germany
Great idea DivA, I look forward to your selections. I have a few that I will share as well in time. I am very interested in what other people like to listen to and enjoy finding new artists to appreciate.
Ummmm,need to register to hear that....i will when i'm less sleepy.Okay this is not new(a few weeks old) and some of you might hate Metallica now,because of their stances on shared music,but i like ST-Anger and especially "Somekinda Monster"...i mean it's so early Black Sabbath and all heh......
Well, an artist that I recently discoverd that I really love is ESTERO Shes pretty new and is kinda of a sade meets Dido kinda of artist. Sounds a bit like Bjork at times. If you have some sort of music download program I suggest you Get this one song by her named Trip Hop. It sounds kinda like the goo goo dolls Iris but jazzier and, If you really like this song, I suggest you buy her album titled Breathless.

Oh and Riel, I like St. Anger too. I don't really care what they say its their art that I enjoy. Not their personalities or views. I really like Metallica.

"Exit light, enter night! " "off to never,never land!"
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jul 11 2003, 05:24 AM)
Well, an artist that I recently discoverd that I really love is ESTERO

I have one of her songs, Nearly Civilized, came off the credits for 007: Nightfire. beigebigrazz.gif

I'll upload a few songs later on. Think some of you will dig the ones I'll pick out. :D (maybe >_>)
QUOTE (Riel @ Jul 10 2003, 08:21 PM)
Ummmm,need to register to hear that....i will when i'm less sleepy.Okay this is not new(a few weeks old) and some of you might hate Metallica now,because of their stances on shared music,but i like ST-Anger and especially "Somekinda Monster"...i mean it's so early Black Sabbath and all heh......

yah, i listened to their newest CD.. it's unique, a different style & yet, i cannot help but sense the touch of Kill 'Em All in their music-style.. i like the new bass player ~ Beast (lol, my nickname for him.. ;p), i thought James had bad posture, Beast takes it to a whole new level of caveman playing - i never seen anything like it, but he's quite good though - the band works well with him.. ^.-
the spirit level ~ earth ritual

music-style ~ new age world electronic
location ~ new york : USoA

~now there's a name - PhoboS - this piece made a lasting impression on your's truly; indeed, i shall not forget this one anytime soon.. harmonics, it's all about harmonics ~ blessings.. beigesmile.gif
Good stuff DivA. =) I really like this latest song you posted.

Thanks for sharing, and keep 'em coming. =)
I'm mostly into heavy metal and anime music. I'm a big fan of Slayer, whom I call the kings of speed metal.
Me, I'm into all kinds of stuf. Rap, Metal, R&B, but my most favorite is Electronica. Lately, I've been into Ambient Drum & Bass and Jazz. I seem to pick what music goes best with where I'm at in PSO at the moment and that goes perfect with the Jungle/Seaside/Mountain area. I have like a few days worth of music on my PC alone. I think this thread is a good idea.
A person who actually surfs on
Like it was intended to be uses. :D
The only drawback is that you have to register to hear anything, and I can never get my computer to play their streams.
I will investigate further. Anyone who picks ambient electronic as their song of the day isn't all bad in my book.

*goes off to discover what's up*
Carbon Based Lifeforms - station blue

music-style ~ ambient techno
location ~ gothenburg : sweden

club generation ~ is it love (club mix)

music-style ~ progressive
location ~ emden, nds : germany

~choose the 1st link, & you'll be led to low-key moments - sitting in dusky calmness & enjoying chilled grooves, weaved by dreamers.. choose the 2nd link, & be launched to the vibrant world of clubs - prepare thyself, the dance awaits ~ blessings.. beigesmile.gif
ephemerid ~ mooneyed

music-style ~ ambient dance : electronica
location ~ southall, middlesex : UK

~today is celestial, a cosmic day - with rebirth of, it is a day for reunion with fellow gaming zealots from times before.. lol, this musical piece fits my mood nicely ~ enjoy.. beigesmile.gif
I must comment on your fine choice of music Diva buttrock.gif
the cynic project ~ after the storm

music-style ~ dream trance : melodic techno
location ~ Minneapolis, MN : USoA

~if the doom of monday tries to overpower, then i gots the remedy - listen, & be blessed with happiness.. beigesmile.gif
messian dread ~ dub of war
rootsman style (extended dub)

music-style ~ dub : roots tradition trophy.gif
location ~ drachten, fryslân : netherlands

13:20 - i dance upon sparkling sands, by the shores of a peaceful beach ~ beneath the full moon of a starlit night - care to join me? beigesmile.gif
Thanks for keepin' 'em coming, DivA. =)

The two regge-esqu tunes didn't do much for me... But After The Storm was fantastic. =D Easily my favorite out of all of 'em so far.
QUOTE (Layrinn @ Jul 24 2003, 05:53 PM)
Thanks for keepin' 'em coming, DivA. =)

The two regge-esqu tunes didn't do much for me...  But After The Storm was fantastic. =D  Easily my favorite out of all of 'em so far.

lol, not a dub crowd i see ~ no worries 'Rinn.. =) sometimes i keep forgetting that dub is an acquired style; initially bazaar, but it builds over time.. i'm used to it, so i can jam to the unusual patterns of beats & harmonies.. however, i sense you to like ambient ~ i gots many more aces up my sleeves that you may favor.. ^.-
icebird ~ svalbard theme

music-style ~ trance : pop
location ~ bodo, nordland : norway

~from the reaches of the far north - whatever these folks eat during the day, i want some too...methodical, very inspirational; definitely a pick-me up ~ enjoy.. =)
Did I mention I really liked this one? ... no?


Well... I really liked this one. ^-^ Very uplifting.
nexa psionica ~ shapeshifter (vox-less)

music-style ~ ambient
location ~ St. Catharines, ON - Canada

~a gem from Canada - just goes to show that a good track is where we least expect it to, recommended when confronting the baddies of Ragol.. ^.-
cauldron13 : maid on the shore

music-style ~ celtic folklore
location ~ Victoria, BC - Canada

*brushes dust off thread* ~oh dear, this will never do ~ time to revive with this little number; as of late, i'm in folklorish mode ~ so my choice may reflect this.. =)
Yay! Celtic stuff is great. =D Thanks, DivA.

BTW, your latest avatar is quite excellent. ^.~
QUOTE (Layrinn @ Aug 20 2003, 11:58 AM)
BTW, your latest avatar is quite excellent.  ^.~

lol, thanks.. =) Exarch, me thinks that is where this one is from ~ part of a larger poster-type image.. =. *ponders* interesting style, kind-of a cross between comic & anime realms...i like the visual mystique, she has the feel of a mercenary type.. ^.-
I enjoy all of your avatars. ^_^

Now for my music selection

Boys Night Out

Heres my pic. My friend got me into this band and im sure most AT goers will enjoy them. This is a real good punk rock band that makes me wonder why more people havent heard of them. Give them a listen. I suggest you start with this track first "Where we breath". Enjoy ^_^
dreamtribe : moon lover

music-style ~ new age
location ~ Dreamland, TX - USoA

~the harmony of this piece brings love to the soul, this music would be perfect to dance to underneath a star-filled night, when our moon be at its zenith.. =)
order in chaos : cydonia projections

music-style ~ down tempo
location ~ Prince George, British Columbia - Canada

~a decent selection of down tempo; definitely worth listening to.. =) this one has the feel of lucid dreams ~ perfect for lounge or dance.. trophy.gif

~the laziest men on mars
the terrible secret of space
invasion of the gabber robots

music-style ~ annoying novelty songs
location ~ Kansas City, MO - USA

~hey SCU, me thinks you'll like these if you haven't listened to either already.. =) the 1st is comic; gets better everytime i listen - good stuff.. trophy.gif all your base are belong to us.. ;p
I have heard both of these. Good stuff. If you can find the videos for these they are even better. Especially the Terrible Secret of Space one. It's just a bit creepy. beigesmile.gif

On that note - I wrote a quick classic video game tune for work a little while ago. I work for a company that makes online educational stuff for middle schoolers. Anyway, they needed some videogame music so...

You're right about the terrible secret of space tune though. It's very trance like. My vote is on the Shover Robot.
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