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Full Version: Pirates of the Caribbean
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So like... I went to see this with Zorya and company tonight. I have to say, it was freakin' awesome. Johnny Depp was fantastic. The visual effects were top notch. The dialogue was great... and in the wake of some of the stuff we've been delt lately, that was very refreshing. beigelaugh.gif

In short... plenty of action, loads of humor, and even a healthy bossom or two along the way. ^.~ Highly entertaining. Go see it... even if you don't like pirates. pirate.gif
I want to see this but I'm already far enough behind the movies already, I still need to see Charlies Angels and T3 ._. Why does everything have to come out at once?

Pirates do rule though pirate.gif:
ack - i forgot that yesterday was the film's debut! >.< *makes quick note to see PoC* so much to do, so little time to do it; i gots a good feeling i shall not be disappointed with this one.. beigesmile.gif

you best start believing in ghost stories, Ms. Turner ~ you're in one.. pirate.gif
lol, i like that scene..
I'll wait till it comes out on DVD. I hate theaters... Thanks for the review Rinn.
cool. I thought that this movie looked cool, but I was really thinking it was going to be a horrible "big movie" fiasco. But, I have read nothing but good reviews since it's release. That's good news. Plus, I would hate to see Legolas in a bad movie. :D

skullcross.gif <- to keep the pirate icons going
Stupid freakin' pirate hat! pirate.gif
i really enjoyed this film ~ yesterday was movie-hopping day for your's truly.. well, i like the cinematography - most impressive.. king.gif my favorite character goes to Captain Jack Sparrow - he is the true measure of a pirate.. & the pirates of the Black Pearl, oh my! the feel of the film is exceptional, very immersive ~ truly, this one is worth seeing on the big-screen ~ arrr.. skullcross.gif

there be pirates here, says i.. beigesmile.gif
Well, okay. I guess I'll consider seeing it if it really is that good...hehe. Thanks for the feedback beigebiggrin.gif
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