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Full Version: breathless.. O.o
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for all you art & fantasy lovers out there, you may appreciate what this web-site has in store.. i stumbled upon this web-site from a tid-bit article that i read earlier this morning (now, now - i work, truly i do.. ;p) blessed moon, never before have i bared witness to such beautiful artwork; i am speechless - in awe, a lot of love went into this project, most true.. beigesmile.gif now, i know many tend to get queer when games like EQ are mentioned, but if anything - i post this because these images - wallpaper, screenshots & concept art reveal a very powerful world in fantasy setting.. this art should be at a museum ~ cosmic.. =)

lol, i gots plans for these beauty of images when i arrive at home later this evening - avatar heaven, time to fire-up photoshop.. *nods* anyways, so little time - i am torn as to which one to invest time in; between True Fantasy Live Online, PsO & EQ II - it's a seriously tough call for your's truly.. >.<

though, i gots a good feeling about this one - the level of detail & beauty in Lineage II feels more in-depth than the others by far (i'm directing that towards True Fantasy Live Online.. =.) - *muses* then again...alright, i'm rambling - but this is so exciting; we exist in the beginnings of a digital renaissance.. ^.-

here is the link ~ enjoy.. ^.-
Lineage II ~ The Chaotic Chronicle
Oh my!
DivA is right. These screen shots are un-freekin-believable.
Screenshot #33 is ... um .. almost not work appropriate. HA!
@_@ Go'damn that game looks good! You weren't kidding. That game is like an artwork in motion. But Lineage... ugh, that brings back some bad memories. I dunno if you ever played the first one, but it was like a Diablo-esque (nearly a clone) game based in Korea (Korean's LOVE Diablo II... so they made Lineage beigebigrazz.gif ). So, whenever you tried asking for help, you could barely ever find someone who spoke English. All I remember, is I couldn't get a damn dog and everyone else was running around with one. >_< Now if THAT ain't frustration for an online title, I dunno what else is. beigebigrazz.gif
Anyhow, this game looks ALOT different from the Lineage I played. o.O Too bad I won't have a PC capable of running what appears to be quite the graphic intensive adventure. Oh and, btw, is it just me or does this game look ALOT like World of Warcraft?
QUOTE (unitself @ Jul 10 2003, 03:17 PM)
Screenshot #33 is ... um .. almost not work appropriate. HA!

Hehe, funny thing... that was one of my favorites. ^.~

So yeah, the game looks incredible. The character and enemy models look fantastic. I'm not ashamed to admit that a few screenshots of scantily clad pointy-eared hotties is enough to get my attention. ;p This game definitely seems worth looking into when it's released. I'm really not a fan of the EQ-style MMORPGs... I've tried several including DAoC, EQ, and Earth and Beyond, and none of them were able to hold my attention for longer than a few months at most. I gotta have at least a little action in my games to keep things exciting. It gets awfully boring just watching your avatar beat on stuff without much interaction from the player. In short, I'll have to try before I buy.


looks great, though. ^.^;
Oh man... very nice screenshots indeed. They haven't updated since October 2002 it seems. I wonder how much progress, if any, they have made in the past 8 or 9 months. If they are making steady progress, they sure are quiet about it. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. Watch the guy lambaste this one like he did with RO.
Nice graphics...if the gameplay is good then I'm sure it will be popular, if it ever comes out beigebigrazz.gif

There are a lot of talented game companies coming up in Korea lately, and I think we will see a lot more good Arcade, Console and PC games coming out of that country in the coming years.
QUOTE (Mute @ Jul 10 2003, 06:34 PM)
Oh and, btw, is it just me or does this game look ALOT like World of Warcraft? beigeroll.gif

it would seem that all the upcoming titles of this genre-type bare similar resemblance; at initial glance, the first thing that came to my mind was True Fantasy Live Online - there is a scene in the magazine i read that has the players riding nahgas (earthbound draglets), Lineage II, these nahgas are everything BUT cute & cuddly.. O.o similar feel - though, Lineage II most likely won't be the mega-juggernaut that EQ II will be.. ^.-

~indeed, the elven maidens look very pretty; i love the wallpaper of the elven maiden sitting amidst emerald sunlight; that is a true elf, proper - movie makers of LOTR need to sit down & take notes.. ;p
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