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curious ~ throughout your entire video-game playing history (as far back as you can remember.. ^.-) - what is your most favored, memorable moment?

~for myself - it would have to be...during the days of Atari 400 & one stress-bender of a game called, Gyruss.. >.< i could honestly state for the record that out of all attempts at playing that game, i made it to Earth once, once.. that was a war as i recall, & the world stood still - it was your's truly vs. the machine; i was determined on that day, perhaps it was high tide, perhaps the planets aligned.. whatever the case, i succeeded on that day.. afterwards, i couldn't do it since.. =. lol, that moment was pinnacle - of course, there are other such moments, but this one is key.. beigesmile.gif

HA - in your face, Gyruss! ;p
Mine would be finishing the Legend of Zelda for the first time.
Geez, there are so many... it would be really tough for me to pick just one.

Some of the most memorable moments for me were:

Pac-Man, Atari 2600: The programmers were so cheap, they didn't even bother to put in separate sprites for when you moved up or down. When you moved down, it looked like Pac-Man was shoving the dots up his... <.<; I was like 6 or 7 years old, and I remember thinking that I could have done a better job. beigedead.gif

Lode Runner, Commodore 64: All I had seen before this point was Atari 2600. I remember thinking how amazing the animation and sound effects were. beigeroll.gif

Metroid, NES: Finding out Samus Aran was a woman for the first time and thinking how fucking cool that was. shades.gif

Phantasy Star II, Sega Genesis: The sad, sad moment when Nei, the original HUnewearl, dies. cry2.gif

Rock'n'Roll Racing, SNES: George Thoroughgood & The Destroyers "Bad To The Bone" as the title song... 'nuff said. buttrock.gif guitarist.gif

Doom II, PC: Playing this game in my dorm room in the dark with my roommate watching. He and I both get the absolute shit startled out of us as I round a corner and bump into a Cacodeamon. beigelaugh.gif

Final Fantasy VII, Sony Playstation: Do I even have to say anything? This game rocked my world. chocobo.gif

Phantasy Star Online, Sega Dreamcast: I come home one day and ask my friend and roommate, "Hey, what's that you're playing?" He lets me try it out... I make a HUnewearl and name her Layrinn... five seconds later, I'm hooked for life. The rest, as they say, is history. ^.~ king.gif
Mine would be in Final Fantasy 2 (US) The whole Kain turning, and rejoining stuff. Not reall one particular moment, but stuff I will remember.
Most remembered moment, well, I enjoy playing RPG games quite often, but have not touched many in a great time...maybe I should take em out and see if the character data is still there.

Final Fantasy 4 (FF2 in US): well, I noticed that every few seconds there was a main character that died for some reason. I never got around to actually finishing the game, but it is still tops on my list. The storyline is great.

Final Fantasy 6 (FF3 in US): Again a excelent storyline, but the second half of the game was not, to my opinion, as well done as the first half. I guess they ran out of production time or something. It was not as straitforward as the first half. It was a bit confusing if you did not have a map available to tell you what areas needed to be covered.

Chrono Trigger (SNES): Another of my all time favorites. The storyline, like the other two Squaresoft games, is well done and the battle system is great. No more random battles like in FF4 and FF6. You actually have to run into the enemy and the battle took place on the current view, not in a seperate battle screen. By the way I did finish the game completly, then went back though it to get this one stupid item that I missed and could not get any longer becuase of specific events that I triggered. That would be the Black Rock in Zeal that I was irritated about...make me restart my game, eh, all in good fun.

Final Fantasy 7 (PC): Well, I played this game many, many hours on end and did finally get to the end, but stopped, recreated a new game, and went though it again to collect all the stuff that I missed the first time, including getting my BLACK Chocobo (sp?). This allowed me access to many places on the world map not normally accessable before including getting my cool Kinghts of the Round table materia...heh. The animations on that rock, so do many of the summons in that game. The graphics, at the time (and still do at times), blow me away on some of those summons...I think they are the coolest.

Most memorable moment that I would say is in FF7 when Aeris dies. For some reason that sad moment is stuck in my head. It was so inocently done too how she does and kinda lame. You almost feel sorry as I have become attached to the characters during the game...a main character killed off can be a little me anyways, although Hopkins can die for all I am concerned. He is so clumsy that he should anyways have been dead by now...heh.

well, that and of course PSO, there are others but those are my main favorites, anyone else here a FF fan? I have FF8 but only played a few hours into it then lost interest for some reason. I should go back to it sometime.
I've been thinking about this topic now for days, and I've found it very hard to narrow it down to just one moment. I'm not so sure I've had any accomplishments that can live up to DivA's Gyruss encounter, but I have had my share of blissful moments. Here are a few that have come to my mind that I felt were worth pointing out. ;-)

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - I had this one before the ol' Game Boy Color was even a thought. I was totally stoked when I defeated the last boss and saw the Wind Fish.

Resident Evil: CODE Veronica - Going through and essentially beating this game with minimal walkthru assistance was invigorating. Watching the storyline unfold was quite memorable as well. Now I just gotta work on getting higher ranks in Battle mode. ^.~

The Blue Marlin - I used to play this zany saltwater fishing game on my NES for hours. I liked it so much, that I actually bought it twice (I lent my original one to a friend, only to have him lose it >_<, me <3 eBay). Anyhow, I'll never forget this monster sized marlin I caught and the battle that ensued. Took me a while to reel the sucker in, but once I measured him, my jaw dropped. I don't remember the exact amount, but I do know that I haven't even come close to catching another one like it.

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Beating the game for the first time. Man world 8 was tough! >_< I'll never forget the Bowser battle.

Final Fantasy II - Palom and Porom sacrificing themselves to save you. This nearly pulled a tear from my eye. beigebiggrin.gif I grew strangely attached to the different characters in this game. Unfortunately, I stopped my Final Fantasy'ing at this title, so I never had a chance to play 3 or some of the more recent ones.

Hmm, theres quite a few:

T2 the Arcade Game (arcade, duh) Getting past level 3, where you gotta protect John Conner in that friggin truck, god I can't believe how many tokens I used on that level alone. Was I damn happy when I finally beat it after a month of trying.

Only to be forced to leave at the Cyberdyne level shortly after. cry2.gif


...with the aid of a certain Genie. >_> I'm crazy for having to endure the entire game anyway, which is why it stands out for me.

Aliens vs. Predator (Arcade): Getting to the last level on $1, (4 tokens) Lt. Kurosawa > you.

Contra (Nes): I managed to beat the game, no extra lives code I shit you not, took the endurance of a late night game session, and 4 cups of coffee. I really felt proud. king.gif

Recently, Red Faction 2 (PC): GOD I hate Molov and his stupid battle armor, took 4 hours of trying to beat him, finally got him when I pelted him with a cheap shot from my handgun. beigebigrazz.gif

Yea, those stand out for me the most.
QUOTE (Mute @ Jul 15 2003, 04:34 PM)
Final Fantasy II - Palom and Porom sacrificing themselves to save you. This nearly pulled a tear from my eye. beigebiggrin.gif I grew strangely attached to the different characters in this game. Unfortunately, I stopped my Final Fantasy'ing at this title, so I never had a chance to play 3 or some of the more recent ones.

I totally forgot about that part. I have only played though it once, but it too, like Aeris's death in FF7 brought tears to my eyes as well. I kept going back to that place in FF2 in hopes they would turn back and rejoin the team...oh well, it never happened. Like I said, so many characters die off or awful things like this happen to them in FF2.
I'd have to say, when I finally beat Super Mario Bros.3. boo.gif I remember that I was so excited when I had finally beat it. I also remember the old classic Mega Mans, I used to play those to death. Those were the days.
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