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Full Version: Putting Photoshop to *real* use
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Well, I got tired of not being able to tell my memory cards apart without first putting them in PSO. So I went and bought some adhesive address labels for my printer and spent a few minutes in Photoshop. It took a few tries to get everything lined up perfectly on the paper, but here's the result. I now have the coolest memory card stickers in existance. ^.~

user posted image
Wow! Those stickers are ultra snazzy. I'm totally jealous. ^.~ Both those images you used were really cool too. Lucky for me, my memory cards are the 59 and 251 respectively, so I don't really NEED to differentiate them with stickers. However, a Flowen (or better yet RICO!) sticker would be super cool.
Now that is completely and totally badass. I should do that evilking.gif
Neato. Whats next Rinn, posters?
Hehe, thanks everyone. =) Knight, I would do a poster if my poor little printer could handle it. ^.~ I've thought about taking an image to a copy center like Kinkos or something, but they charge an arm and a leg for poster printing. Besides, when you blow things up that big, the resolution can start to look grainy.

Anyways... here's a couple more stickers that are going in the mail to a certain Rico fanatic tomorrow. ^-^

user posted image
Whoah...... that is tiiiiight work bro.
Woo, I would have never though of a memory sticker, but why not, we do it for CDs all the time. Nice work. Those are totally coolness.
Man that's just r33t
Angel of Enders

I mean I want one too! =*(
lol. You may have a money-making idea there. king.gif Those are excellent.
QUOTE (Azrael @ Jul 14 2003, 11:00 AM)
lol. You may have a money-making idea there.  :king  Those are excellent.

Haha, you may be right... but I think Sega might have a little problem with that. ^.~
Those are very cool beigebiggrin.gif Nice idea!
Wow, thanks 'Rinn! *^-^* Those looks awesome! I'll have to return the favor somehow... Now if I could only find that collectible postcard I have... *rumages through mess on PC desk*
Nick novalis
Wow those really are supercalifrajalisticexpialidocious!
1 word.
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