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Full Version: Armored Core3 Silent Line
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This is a trailer from the game. May take some time to load. So while your waiting, Read on ^-^

Anyway, Not sure if you noticed by now but, Im a pretty big armored core fan. Tomorrow is the release date for this game here in my area but, It might be available for people living in other parts Like california and what not. I so anxious for this that my right eyebrow has started twitching again.... Anyway I thought to releave some of this anxiety/tension I thought I would post some info about this game in hopes to getting more people to share in my joy. guns.gif

Well basically the story for this one is a little bit before Armored Core 3 After the great destruction caused by man and his machines and war (Armored Core1). The people of earth went underground under the crust of earth. Now many years have passed and the earth has finally been restored to some what of its previous like-ness. Man has created many horribly powerful weapons. In a forgotten area on earth lies one of the most powerful weapon, in an area that has been in-accesable by people. When they do try none of them come back. Armies have been sent there only to never be herd of again. Thus the area has come to be called as the "Silent Line" for all who venture to that front, or not herd of again. war.gif

Features to the game are few but good. If you have played any of the previous series you know what to expect. But, this one does offer more then previous titles. First off are the basics. around 40 or 50 mission. around 100 new parts added to the already large lines of parts to the previous Armored Core 3. 100 new arena opponents plus if have any data from Armored Core 3, It can be converted and you can bring all your parts into this one. New features are new multimode, up to 4 players via link. ability to destroy opponents weapons. New cockpit view mode and a trainable AI. wich you can (obviously) train. then enter him into the arena and watch as he rises in the ranks. Plus you can take him on missions with you. megaman-run.gif

Anyway, I find the series to be really enjoyable. Some say that it is difficult to control, but when you get used to it you will love it. It one of the things I love about it. Not only that but, I find the arena mode to be very engrossing even after I beat it since, Im alawys trying to find ways to play more efficient. Which is a theme to the game. Plus there are many weapons which are hiddin and secret, so trying to meet the requirement for those is fun. This game is like a action/adventure/fighting game involving mechs. But to pretty much sum it up in one word, its an expansion pack. (eh okay two words.) But hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The stroy is pretty weak but thats what makes your role as a mercenary believable. It allows for variety. megaman-run.gif

Anyway I hope this post is useful and makes you into an AC junkie like me. ^_^ Hope by now you can see the trailer.
I've been an AC fan since it first came out I've been expecting another release for quite some I just need to wait for AC:Project Sigma...I hope it's onlline..
Well from what I know, In japan Armored Core 3 Silent Line is online. But those features where removed for the U.S. and European versions. But seems as though the next AC will be online buttrock.gif Hopefully we will meet each other in the Arena. ;-)
That's to be expected once again the rest of the world misses out on features to games....Sigma is supposed to be online..
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