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Full Version: Anyone play Ragnarok Online?
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Anyone play this game?

I do, even with the crap service it has... , mostly on Chaos server but I try to play on the Loki server too.
I did up till the end of March. Too much lag, plus several have been getting hacked as of late. Not to mention the fact the international servers get the sloppy seconds of what the Asian servers get.
Angel of Enders
I played the original beta. But I didn't play much because I lagged waaay too much. I didn't bother to download the second beta when it came out.
Well let me update things a bit then;

Lag = lots better, generally they're 4k people on Chaos server and 3k people on Loki server and the servers don't suck lag unless it gets to 10k per server

The last hack insident wasn't really a hack more of some fancy file sending to recieve the Login/Password Database so..... bash.gif

I think it has improved a great deal since it has gone comercial, we have just recently obtained Pet's on all servers ( not just the test server Sakray )

and the Test Server Sakray has had double drops and exp set so it will be easier to test things.

might be a relook for at least a month for people who used to play it.
Lets see...

I played on alpha, had an archer and a swordie, got bored
I played on beta, had a swordy, got horribly bored killing orcs over and over for little exp and quit
I played beta 2, and wanted nothing more than my swordie to become a knight. Gravity decided to shut down for three months, and erase all characters. I was job lvl 38 when it happened. It was then I lost all faith in gravity

Since then, I've played on kRO Sakray for 3 glorious days, getting a knight after 1 and having a lot of fun the last two. I also played on a private server (which was also 9x exp) where I had a battle priest and a knight. But eventually clicking on a monster and waiting for it to die gets boring, and I'm amazed it took so long.

Gravity is the most incompetent company ever, back when pso was version 2, it used to be close who could screw up more, Gravity or Sega, but Gravity has long since left Sega in their dust. Losing every single username and password AFTER it went commercial, good lord, I'm never touching iRO again
If you are looking for RO players, you should check out the
Same thing as this board only they are more geared towards RO, like we are towards PSO.
I post there also. In fact, some call me a mod there. beigesmile.gif
Good guys one in all.

ps: I don't play RO.
hmm I'll take that in mind and check out Gaming cow soon

hmm wonder if all those Cow Guilds I saw were from there mog.gif
RO is like the online RPG haven of anime dorks. I can't stand it.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Jul 17 2003, 07:03 PM)
RO is like the online RPG haven of anime dorks. I can't stand it.

Couldn't have said it better myself beigelaugh.gif If I can get on a private (free >.>) server, I'd still play it from time to time, since lots of people who retired from PSO I know are on it.

Seriously, they have some of the ugliest characters on that game ;x
that may be true but its a nice time killer ;)
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