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Full Version: My absence
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well, for the past two weeks i really havent been on, i've got relatives (read: a 5 yeard old and company) staying over. and they will be here for two more weeks, while i enjoy their company it is cramping my PSO style. and i dare not have my PSO running with a 5 y/o around. i've heard to many horror storries cry2.gif

so fear not, im not leaving my pack of wolves evilking.gif things are just alittle hectic right now. but dont think you wont see me at the meeting this sunday! at-emote1.gif
Good to hear that you did not totally disapear on us. Come back soon and enjoy your guests. We won't gripe if you spend some 'quality' time with them. If they insist in playing PSO then load up your char in offline mode and then remove the memory card. It will let them do anything but will not save any changes, other than that let them play as a level 1online, heh.

Hope to see you at the meeting. Don't miss it. See ya online soon. at-emote1.gif
No worries, Clay. You take care of the family thing, we'll see you at the meeting. ^.~
Keep those memory cards away from those kids at all costs and we'll see ya Sunday bro.
a perfect chance to try this out.. at-emote1.gif lol, cosmic.. king.gif no worries, we'll hold the fort until your return ~ enjoy the time that's been given with those beyond the web.. ^.-
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