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Full Version: Anyone with a keyboard
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want to help me with the typing quest? i really want the mini game :D
hmm well I think Bryn and I are the only ones here with a keyboard so far... beigeroll.gif

I'd be glad to help you Wurm, I haven't checked out this quest yet, what's the scoop on it?
well its basicly a Typing quest (with some small fighting while you type)if you can manage to get 100% accuracy in a room you unlock a gate ( and in certain rooms a speical Quiz for bonus points ) because NOL has a dream that all Hunters on Ragol should be able to comunicate with each other properly...
I do not know however if all players will have to get 100% in each room to lock the gate ( if this is a no then I guess I can't get help on this quest cry2.gif )

Answers seen here
QUOTE (Crawurm @ Dec 31 2002, 12:37 AM)
....because NOL has a dream that all Hunters on Ragol should be able to comunicate with each other properly...

heh heh that's pretty funny, what a joke beigedead.gif

Sounds cool, we can deifintely give this a try. Bryn may be a faster typist however, look for either of us tuesday night, probably after 9 pm central time.

How do you get the minigame? Need a certain game in the gba?
well if you open all the gates by getting enough 100% Accuracy rooms you'll get to access a computer that will give you the mini game, then you gotta do another quest to download it to your GBA. Also this quest is only on the Japan ships right now, i think.
What kind of minigame is it? That NiGHTs game was pretty impressive for a simple GBA download.
I'm not too sure but since its chu chu rocket I'm guessing its like the Dreamcast version of it where you put down arrow pads to avoid the Cats and get the Chu Chu to the rockets
Oh...I already have CCR for gameboy....I guess I don't really need to do this one beigesmile.gif
well it could contain bonus material for your chuchurocket for GBA (if you had the Sonic2 game for GBA you could get a Tails Chao)
Sorry Crawurm I have been busy on pso lately trying to get one more present before the christmas event expires. I haven't forgotten about this request and will try to help you out soon.

umm is the typing quest a permanent thing or is there an expiration date? beigeconfused.gif
Don't know I think its perminate, and don't worry about me heck I was hoping to ask someone at the AT meeting hehehe
I have a keyboard tell me when you want to get on...

Oh and also its under VR... I beat it but forget to pick up the mini game >_<
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