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Full Version: 7/20 Meeting Debriefing
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Thanks to everyone who attended and congratulations to Forever Zero who, along with myself, completed the 2 player C1 Time Attack with the best time at 13'04! trophy.gif

It was big fun and I got to meet some cool new people. We actually had to spill over into Lobby 14 to try and organize the event. Special thanks to Bryn for keeping track of all the teams and their times. We had a total of 9 teams competing for the grand prize. Forever Zero received the TRIBAL BLADE as a trophy.

We have also inducted Linka Knight to Neophyte Caste, and took on unitself and Azrael as Neophyte pledges.

Great stuff at-emote1.gif
Thanks to everyone who attended. and congrats to Dive and Forever Zero for championing the C1TA blitz.

thanks for wrapping things up after i had to split Dive, hell of a time for my brothers car to break down cry2.gif

will we need three lobbies next time?! stay tuned to find out.
also, congratulations to KnighSword, Unitself and Azrael for successfuly becomming pledges!
Thanks Clay, sorry that I couldn't be there, but there is always next time
All in all it was a great night. Congratulations to Dive and FZ for winning the cmode event. Congrats linka on getting in, and congrats to mute for getting paragon-ized. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Jul 21 2003, 04:08 AM)
Thanks Clay, sorry that I couldn't be there, but there is always next time

*nods* indeed, don't feel bad ~ issues with dsl have kept me away from the fun as well.. >.< makes me realize how plugged-in i am to the network when connections are severed; another startling realization - 56k should be made obsolete at a global level, it's slow as time.. =. though from the look of things, the gathering was joyous ~ i hope to make the next one for certain.. beigesmile.gif
Hey now!
Back away from the 56K bad talk! Without that, there'd be no online scu! :D
56K is our savior!!
How many exclamations can I use?
Find out!


Now, let the spankings begin! Last night was fun. I didn't get a chance to meet nearly anyone new though. We jumped right into the c-mode competition and then my wife got tired of wondering what in the hell was going on so I had to bail early. I got back on a few hours later only to find just a handful of people online. And pretty burnt I can imagine.
Anyone want any coffee?
Wow, that meeting was quite the success, huh? We had somewhere around 18 to 20 peeps show up if I'm not mistaken. Sucks that we had to spill over to multiple lobbies. I could've sworn that 14 and 15 held more peeps than that. *shrugs* Anyways, the C1TA blitz was fun stuff. Big thanks to everyone who showed up and participated. The Tribe seems to really be expanding. Also, thanks to Dive and Clay for the promotion. ^-^;; I look forward to seeing you all again at the next meeting. ;)
Thanks. Last night was great. Our team would've won the C1 Time Attack tourney if we were a minute and one second faster. I'm assuming that the Tribal Blade is an S-Rank of some kind. It sounds cool. buttrock.gif I'm looking forward to the next meeting.
I was there for an hour, but I had to jet before I got booted offline for good by the folks. cry2.gif Sheik sent me a PM and I think Dive may have tried to IM me but I was pulled away from keyboard for a while.

I did get almost everyone's card though, so if anyone wants a game (sorry I couldn't last night >.<) look me up.
Hey I'm glad everyone had fun thier, too bad I couldn't attend and thankfully no ba tourny to defend my title from last meeting >.>

My HL ran out, and I hope to renew it in the some time near future. Like when a few more quests pop up or something.

and umm...... Arrrr! pirate.gif
Forever Zero
This was my first time attending something like this on PSO and it was a lot of fun. It's always cool to meet nice people. Thanks, guys. I look forward to the next meeting beigesmile.gif
I had a big kick out of the C1 TA guys, great stuff. (Too bad me and Rinn didn't win beigedead.gif)

Congrats to Forever Zero and Dive! ^_^

Speaking of which, if Bryn still has it, I'd like to know where everyone ranked.

I had a blast! :D

Wished I could have stayed longer but I was starting to pass out around 12am EST. @.@

Here be the official (more or less) C1 - 2 Player - TA Rankings:
(sorry, I really meant to do this sooner, but my schedule has been hectic. beigerolleyes.gif I also apologize in advance for screwing up anyone's name. It got a bit wild with so many peeps and there were a few new faces to me.)

Winners: Dive & Forever Zero 13:04
#2 Klok & K5 13:29
#3 Layrinn & Khaotika 13:48
#4 Allisah & Makoto 14:04
#5 Claymore & unitself 14:47
#6 DarkEpyon & Bryn 15:57
#7 AC9 & Crushinator 18:54
#8 Vitamin D & Sheik 19:33
#9 CrazyFX & Mute 19:36
#10 Rogue & Riel 24:30

In the lobby before we began, someone posed the question on what would we do if none of the teams succeeded in completing this mission. It speaks volumes of the caliber of gamers involved in this event, that not only did everyone survive through C1, but there are also quite a few times that wouldn't be considered shabby for a full team of four. Congratulations to everyone on a game well played. beigesmile.gif
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