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Full Version: Winamp 3
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question for those that use Winamp.. ^.-

i currently have version 2.80 ~ during the final days before the release of version 3, i tried the beta & didn't like it.. this was awhile back ~ today, as i seek new skins for Winamp ~ the new skins for version 3 look intriguing, but my questions are:

1 - which do you prefer ~ version 2.80 or version 3?
2 - is version 3 stable, or is it far better to keep version 2.80?
3 - how is the interface for version 3?
4 - how well do the skins work for version 3?

all input appreciated ~ cheers.. toast.gif
I just upgraded to Winamp3 about 3 weeks ago, and I love it. The freeform skins make it a lot easier to adapt to my desktop workspace.

As far as stability goes, it has worked perfectly so far. If you run it with transparency and anti-aliasing effects on, I do see a hit in the system performance, but those features are just eye candy anyways.

The interface is great..there is a new module called the "Thinger" where you can pick all the different modules from (Equalizer, Playlist, Video window, etc, plus any plugins you get). And because of the new skin method, the interface can have as many functions as you (or the skinner) adds into it. The new way it handles playlists is much better, because you can create different sets of I create a playlist for each album, but then I also create separate ones to fit themes, such as PSO-time music, dance mix, etc. The crossfade feature is cool too, but that is just a matter of taste.

As far as skins go, they are as functional and cool as they look. It all depends on the artist. One cool new thing is how skins can include different color palettes within the skin file, so you have a choice on colors once you download the skin. I use the EMP skin, scaled up to 125%, so its easier to see on my 1280 desktop.
I didn't really like it, I'm using 2.something at the moment.

Winamp3 does the buffering crap that annoys me when I rewind/forward a song, and it actully pops up a loading screen when you launch it.

Neither of those are present in 2.whatever I'm using. king.gif

Meh, no need to upgrade for me anyway, all I do is pop up winamp, and let it go on shuffle.
What you should do is forget all that stuff and switch to iTunes! Sure, it'll cost you about $2000, but it comes with all these excellent extras! Like, you can surf the web with it and you can draw pictures and write stories and do all sorts of cool stuff!

indeed, i gots itunes for my ibook ~ the program works beautifully, the only downside is the lack of a skins option that winamp has.. =. in regards to winamp, this for the dell-pc i use at the office.. *ponders* actually, i like both winamp & itunes ~ each has pro's & con's as far as options go; lol, i guess i'm an eclectic at heart.. =)
Personally I never cared for the new version. I am still on V2.91. It plays music and works great. I never got into all that skin stuff. The default is cool by me.
I tried Winamp 3 for a while but went back to 2.91 and have been using that since. I prefer the way 2.91 handles playlists and it seems faster.
I thought winamp3 was more eye candy than anything else, so I switched to 2.91 and haven't regretted it since.
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