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Full Version: The Adventures of ... me
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I have always wanted to do my own comic strip.
So, today while at work, I decided to finally start one.

and, in case you are wondering, it is autobiographical. :D

user posted image
cosmic.. buttrock.gif

*nods* interesting, now that's interesting ~ in style & idea; keep it going, i look forward to seeing the direction this comic shall take.. ^.-
That is pretty shpiffy. beigebiggrin.gif Yep I'd be interested to see more of it too :D
Cool. buttrock.gif
Everytime I look at that robot, it looks more and more like a slot machine.
I like the artstyle, and the amount of robots in it so far.
hmm hmm looks a lot like the art style of Jet Set Radio to me ;)

nice nice chocobo.gif
Awesome! The art style seems particularly well suited for comic format, and you definately have the knack for panel layout and story progression. beigesmile.gif


Does scu live in a Cybertron type word, or is he the lone robo trying to make his way among humans?
Can you do the next one with cool *Clunk* *Smash* *Bzzzt!* sound effects?
Is it really a good idea for chronically tardy robos to use valuable company time making amusing comic strips? (<----I teasing. ^ ^)
Cool stuff, scu. That animation style is really groovy. I look forward to seeing more. ;-)
New adventure awaits our hero!
In this thrilling episode, scu neglects off his "job" to deal with more pressing issues.

user posted image
Heheh I don't think anyone here would mind having such a job.
hah hah these are great, I love the style!

Keep em coming king.gif
Good one, keep them coming!
It's funny because its true. There's many a day I have neglected killing a town beacuse of PSO...this comic really speaks to me!
now for an early installment!
Timely and topical too!
user posted image
Vitamin D
Lmao! These kick ass man. Keep em coming. shades.gif
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