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has anyone else seen this eye-popping MMOFPS for the ps2? it looks like TEH HOTNESS! im not sure of any URLs with it, as i saw a huge preview on G4TV it looks extremely emersive and by playing more you can earn "certification" that lets you pilot larger craft, use hevier weapons and the like. it takes place on HUGE continents and looks extremely good visualy. keep your eyes open for it!
Screen 5
AT platoon!

EDIT: some screenshots

Screen 2://]Screen 1[/URL]Screen 3Screen 4
Yes, the game is very cool. I didn't know they were making it from PS2 though...remember this is the same people who brought EQ to ps2, so don't expect a perfect translation...
I played the PC beta of Planetside and I honestly got bored after a while, all it had me doing is running around hacking into bases to take them over for my country. which at times got pointless when swarms of enemy countries came attacking me, of course it was sorta fun tossing a plasma grenade into a hallway of enemies taking almost all of the out in the first volly ;)

I still think a lot of it is unbalanced, players that have just started will have 0% chance of killing a high level player since most of his skills can deflect attacks with barriers,..etc ( nearly impossible to kill a SUIT unless you have 20 rockets or in a viechile and he doesn't have Anti AIR guns )
though i only played through the offline training modules, i notice a lot of potential depth to planetside ~ i gots the feeling that planetside & tribes will ultimately compete for online supremacy.. ^.-
Angel of Enders
My best friend plays it online and all I hear are good things about it.
I've never been a fan of 1st person shooters, but a 1st person shooter/mmog seemed quite interesting. The fact that iam not a fan of 1st person shooters is the main reason Iam not interested in the title. If it's comming to the PS2, I am guesing it will be BBA only or something. What I need is a mmoarpg (massively....action rpg). Don't think diablo type gameplay, I don't consider point and click to be an action game. PSO is about the closest thing to a true action rpg, although at times it just isn't deep enough for me. I've heard mixed reviews about the game. It is for 1st person shooter fans. If your not a FPS fan then it might not captivate you.
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