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Full Version: PsO retirement.. ^.-
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the time has come..

indeed, folks ~ the fateful day has recently arrived...not so much, bored of PsO that i shall take a break & return to it later; rather, bored of PsO that it is finally time to shelf the game completely.. ^.- hmmm, i've held a good track record over the years ~ been there since day 1 of ver.1 for DC, but there is only so much of the same thing that your's truly can stand without snapping a spark-plug somewhere.. -.@

lol, although PsO has come to a close doesn't mean that i'll leave these shores anytime soon ~ ATHQ is a cosmic place.. king.gif my gaming habit shall remain strong, but now focused on other titles of interest ~ primarily TFLO, this game is turning to be a beauty of a gem.. P.N.03 is another title i'm looking forward to, Soul Reaver 3 most definitely & possibly Star Ocean for ps2 ~ ack, so many games.. ;p

with that said, i bid farewell to the world of PsO ~ it's been lots of fun during both beginning & end.. only now, i'm being guided somewhere else ~ blessings.. beigesmile.gif
Damn... we never got to beat on DF together... oh well. Sorry to see you go, but have fun on TLFO though.
I never got to meet you online. cry2.gif Its ok though. I hope you have fun wherever you decide to go and you'll still be here so that's cool.
hehehe! I love these kind of posts!
Please don't get me wrong though, I am not making fun of you. I will probably write one of these when my time too.
SegaTeam should have had to get some sort of FDA approval before releasing this game though. :D Who would have thought that a stupid video game would have that much impact on allof our lives?
I am just sorry that I never got to meet up with you online.
For someone who writes such beautiful posts, I bet you swing a pretty keen sword. beigelaugh.gif

I can only find one flaw in your argument... TFLO isn't coming out for AGES!!! Live a year or so! This game does look awfully cool though. I can't wait to sink my joystick into this one. hrm... that sounds dirty! hehehe...
Anyway... it doesn't sound like you are leaving AT so that's good!
Aww, that's disappointing to hear. I was really looking forward to playing with you. =(

Ah well, it's a day that will come for us all sooner or later. Honestly, I'm a little surprised at how long I've remained interested in PSO. The folks here at ATHQ have a large role in that, for sure. =)

Well, there's plenty of other good games to play out there DivA. Have fun! And I'll see ya on TFLO when it comes out. ^.~
So sorry to hear. I don't think we ever met online, but maybe sometime in the future....if that comes. Enjoy what every you plan to play. Lately I have been playing hours on end on Alcyone but I don't feel a burnout comming anytime soon. You might say I am a little burned out on leveling as it becomes tedeous at the higher levels, but all in good fun.

Good luck to ya!
Vitamin D
I never got to play with you either =/. But I understand how you must feel. Many have quit the habit. To quit PSO (aka Crack) I'd need therapy beigelaugh.gif well have fun! Let us now how life outside PSO is! And I'll be on TFLO too, so see ya there. toast.gif
I won't, unless there's a GC, or PS2 port. No Xbox here.... Don't have it, don't want it...
Hey Diva, are you getting EP3, I probably am and I'm getting TFLO as well so I will seeyou online when TFLO is released unless FFXI has my soul. evilking.gif
depends.. =. i'm realizing that as games advance, they are growing in size - stuff to do, people to interact with & quests to plot course & seek out.. it's getting to the point where one has to be highly selective as to what is purchased, for that chosen game may be a time guzzler along the lines of EQ ~ forever.. -.O

Final Fantasy XI looks interesting, but i was expecting that game aeons before ~ one year too late.. *shrugs* i lost interest in waiting for such a long time.. had TFLO not reveal itself yet, i would probably consider getting FFXI, but now - nay.. ;p

i have read in this month's game informer - aug 2003 that TFLO is going to initially set with a basic world - villages, lands, seas, dungeons, etc.. because the x-box has the hard-drive, once the game is released ~ there will be continuous additions to the world of TFLO - new villages, for all we know ~ new countries.. O.o if it turns out that TFLO is key, then i may just focus on one universe at a time.. realistically, i don't think i could play both TFLO & episode III & all the side-games on my wish list ~ that would be cause my brain to blow a fuse.. =)

with that said, if we haven't yet met & adventured online yet ~ no worries, i'm certain at some point we shall.. beigesmile.gif i see several also interested in TFLO, when the time comes ~ i'll greet you all from above on whispers of a broomstick.. ^.-
While I hate to see you go, I enjoyed the few times we managed to meet up on PSO. I'm sure, knowing our history, we'll cross paths again in some future title. Maybe I'll join the TFLO brigade! ^-^;
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Jul 24 2003, 06:28 PM)
I won't, unless there's a GC, or PS2 port. No Xbox here.... Don't have it, don't want it...

Same for me. If it ports to GCN I might try it, but no no on the XBox. Never cought my interest and really don't want one at-emote1.gif
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