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Full Version: What Movie Star could play your PSO char?
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Ok, the other night, after Crush(not Crush, Scu), Linka, Zeota, and I beat Dark Falz on ult, we had went back down to see Red Ring Rico. A question about the memorials there came up and it led to something about the ruins possibly being a World Ship like in PS4 according to Linka. Well, this got me interested in looking into the story of the previous Phantasy Stars. I eventually came across in my search and I read about the old Phantasy Stars and I noticed they had a section called the Dreamcasts. I thought I'd start an interesting thread here to see what Movie Star could est or portray your Character. I have no Ideas at the moment for mine but I thought it would be interesting to see some of yours. When I think of some, I will post them here.
Johnny 5 from "Short Circuit" as Crushinator, and Mandy Moore as Shiho buttrock.gif
Hey Azrael, are you sure that was the Crushinator?


- movie character coming... -
OMG. You're right. What was I thinking, it was you, Scu. lol I must've got you two HUcasts mixed up. hangsmiley.gif
after thinking long & hard regarding this one ~ there exists no one that could do my eclypse justice.. as hard as i try, it's just not possible; eclypse is cool, imperious & calculated - a survivor...even with the lady that played Xena, eclypse would take one look at Xena & blast her to dust with a laser cannon, then walk away to her next mission in silence.. ^.-
BIG time toss up between Jennete Goldstein (Vasquez from Aliens) and Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conner from T2)

Sure they can try and play my RAmarl, but they'll never relive the class she had, they just wielded big guns. beigelaugh.gif
I'm thinking Anjelica Huston. Somewhere between Maida in Ice Pirates (yes Brynhilde is a pirate), and Morticia Adams. It's all about grace and articulated eye brows. beigelaugh.gif
Even though shes not an actor, I think Hidei Klum, could pull off be LK, if you seen her as Jessica Rabbit from her GQ pictorial, you'd know what I mean.
hmn there isnt a whole of of actresses that could pull of my characters maybee hale berry(sp?)
hmn ashante might work as well :o
Hmm It tp play my racast, it would have to be a combination between Arnold Scwarzenneger beigelaugh.gif (sp) That robot from robocop,(the one in retehis sig.) and the robot from judge dredd, Mixxed in with alittle bit of Richord Pryor for some humor.
QUOTE (unitself @ Jul 24 2003, 09:26 PM)
- movie character coming... -

I always picture scu as that robot from the Beastie Boys video "Intergalactic"
user posted image


hmm as for my characters....

Harbinger- Fomar - Gary Oldman as Dracula

user posted image

Dive- Humar - Rob Van Dam from his ECW days

user posted image

beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif

Kylie- Ramarl - Kylie Minogue as Cammy

user posted image

Well... when I read this topic, the first person that came to mind was Angelina Jolie. It sounded so corny to me that I didn't want to post it and I kept trying to think of someone else. Try as I might, I couldn't come up with anyone. So, after a little encouragement from Dive and a little web surfing to find a pic that was just right, I decided to go ahead and make it official.

Layrinn's part in the PSO movie will be played by Angelina Jolie. She already has the dark skin, green eyes, and long black hair... and her facial expression in this pic is just the sort of combination of playful and naughty you'd expect from Rinn. ^.~
user posted image

All she needs is.... hmm, yeah there we go. ^.^;
user posted image

heh... probably my worst photoshop efforts to date. ^-^;;
user posted imagehmn i think this looks pretty close actually :o
Ugh, Rinn....A little warning before posting that horrid beast Angelina Jolie...I almost lost my microchips all over the keyboard when that pic popped up.
Iam not a fan of any movie stars, their just actors to me. Besides who the hell would play a little elf girl(technically cat girl, but the ears of modeled after the Japnese style of elves) with a bandanna over their head?

As for Ethos, the female robot from Space balls who sounds like Joan rivers, except more badass and not so annoying.

Alana...hmm I can't think of any dark skinned porn stars with real breasts at the moment. I think it's a fairly tale, something you tell kids to give them nightmares. "Thats right little billy, her breasts were really....GIANT GLOBS OF MAN MADE CRAP".

Leon...Damn his FOmar spikey haired generic look. Seems more anime then anything close to Human. Unless I delve through the depths of super cheasy 80's movies...I value my santity, so I'll just not even bother.

BTW I could never imagine layrinn to look like Angelina "tattoos to symbolize marriage don't mean BS to her" Jolee(or whatever the hell her last name is). Now this tatooe squeezed in between the other 17 on my body means something about my love to you...jeez actually I think thats my phone number.(No offense to people here on AT with tattooes, iam just feeling extra vindictive today)
wow 'Rinn.. O.o lol, indeed ~ Angelina Jolie is beautiful in a wild sort of way; that vamped rendition of your's gave new meaning to the word sinful.. =}
See, Dive? I told you I shouldn't have posted that... beigelaugh.gif
Brad Pitt as Khaotika. beigebigrazz.gif The biggest problem with that is that Androgyny would never stop humping Khao's leg.

Lish : O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

*jumps on top of Ashanti, ripping off her clothes*


*ravage ravage ravage*

lol I'm the one who started this thread and I have no idea who could play my characters. Maybe it's because theyre all short and I can't really think of any good actors that would resemble them that are their height.
user posted image
no Icarus... more like this -
user posted image

Intergalactic! Intergalactic!
Another dimension! Another Dimension!
for Ozza........ it'd probly have to be an "alternative" *coughporncough* star because of the way she dresses...... But she'd have to be weird in personality as i don't play a role as her, i just be myself, and i'm quite abnormal really.....

for Dark Fury i'd have to say.... Johnny Depp. My FO's not exactly all out exciting force, and johnny's sorta reclusive in most films..... the dark hair mainly tho.

for Angana i don't know..... Any suggestions for an actress to fit the role of a young child with the cutest smile and attitude, but the most evil thing underneath all her cuteness?
How about the girl from the pepsi commericals
Vitamin D
QUOTE (Alisha @ Aug 2 2003, 01:18 PM)
user posted imagehmn i think this looks pretty close actually :o

beigebigeek.gif Very. Fine.

anyway, I think Samuel L Jackson would play a kickass Vitamin D. He's one of the few worthy to don the Fro. beigelaugh.gif
I'm thinking Uma Thurman for Zorya. She's freaking tall with huge eyes and fears nothing.

For Babs I'm thinking....Stockard Channing from Practical Magic.
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