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Full Version: Jukebox Mk.II
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This is to avoid hijacking DivA's jukebox topic. Out of respect for him/her I've decided to make my own. So, without any further ado...

Jam Project - Fire Wars The opening to the Mazinkaiser OVA

All 4 Gundam SEED Openings

  • Invoke - T. M. Revolution
  • Moment - Vivian or Kazuma
  • Believe - Nami Tamaki
  • Realize - Nami Tamaki (who's only 15, but doesn't sound like it.)

56k'ers will have to wait a bit before that one's done.

I had to zip everything, as hypermart was being an ass and 403'ing mp3s.
At any rate, enjoy. ^^
him?? ;p

*smirks* all in good fun, that's what it's all about, DarkEpyon - i look forward to listening to your choice of selections *begins to download* =)
Ehh well this is the internet, so no one really knows who's who gender-wise unless said individual says so.... or something like that...


Shotaro Morikubo - The Answer Those who've played MMX6 may recognize this one.
Ganasia - Electrical Communication - Another great opening theme denied to us in the States.
This site 0WNZ!

You'll need WinRAR to extract the files here properly. Go under "sound" to get to the good stuff. Check out the remixed Final Fantasy 7 JENOVA theme and the FF5 "Death Struggle of Big Bridge VI" one. Those are perhaps two of the best on there.
him?? ;p

DivA, you will always be a him/her to me. hehehe...

and... I guess someone here like the anime music, eh?
Yes, that would be me.
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