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Full Version: Full Metal Panic!
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Hey all, toast.gif

I'm just wondering if anybody else here is getting into the FMP anime? I just finished watching the second DVD and I'm really enjoying it. I love the pacing and comedy in this show! For those who don't know FMP is a mech-action/comedy/romance type show. It has a few cliches in it but they haven't bothered me. I also love the quasi-A-team background music. I don't know how it all ends up but so far the first eight episodes have all been really good IMO.

Anybody have any thoughts/opinions?
curious ~ i don't recall this one.. =. i found a link that delves deeper into this particular series; after reading the synapsis ~ the series looks intriguing.. =)

here is a link ~ Full Metal Panic!
you know... I have only seen one episode. The one that came in a NewType mag a few months ago. I didn't really care for it. I am much more of a fighting robots all the time kinda guy. There was just a bit too much wacky high school highjinks for me. The drawing style looked really nice though, and I liked the main guy character's attitude. But, I won't go looking for any more of it though.
well, so far the story has been mainly a "fish out of water" thing. Souske is a soldier(apparently from a young age) that is thrown into a japanese high-school situation to protect a student there. He then has to learn about life outside of the military.

The first disc was mostly wacky high school situation stuff. towards the end of it though the action kicks in. guns.gif The first disc ends in a huge cliff-hanger. The second disc is mainly action though it does fade back into comedy toward the end.

another thing i'm really enjoying is the english voice-acting. It is extremely well cast, performed, and scripted IMO. Chris Patton does well as Souske and sounds kinda like Tom Cruise. I'm also a fan of Allison Keith.

BTW what shows have you been into lately unitself? I've been looking into X (haven't seen any of it yet) and watching RahXephon.
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