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Full Version: Baten Kaitos.. O.o
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yesterday ~ a friend of mine downloaded recent clips of various upcoming games, all of which show real promise (aye, new TFLO's are amongst them ~ whoo!!) *cough* heh - anyways, he downloaded several japanese clips too, one of which was entitled - Baten Kaitos -.O although a tiny snip-it, after watching it ~ i'm a believer.. =)

but questions remain ~ what is it? all i know of thus far is that it's an RPG coming to gamecube, i'm guessing early in development, but still - intense.. does anyone know more about this one? also, check out that jp-clip if you can find it, for it shall be worth your while ~ BATEN KAITOS!!

*goes off to search for more lore* buttrock.gif
This title has kept my attention for the past month or so. The more I hear and see about it, the more I want it. I believe it's a Monolith game but I'm not sure. I do know that the development team was incredibly huge and that the gameplay is at 40 hours or so. If it manages to hit the states, I'll definately be picking it up. ^.-
Yes,saw this also the other day,here is the weird babelfish translation beigelaugh.gif

click here
Looks like it could be interesting.

I've been playing way too many supposed "deep" Japanese rpgs with spiritualism/symbolism that you could literally post to a dart board and play "guess the deeper themes". WOW, I got "regligious references with no ties to the story"...damn I was hoping for "Half naked anime women".

I actually like the majority of console rpgs(japanese rpgs) on the market, so don't take me to seriously, this rpg does look interesting.
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