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Full Version: sushi nonsense.. =)
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here is something of interest.. =)

the japanese are a fascinating people, it's amazing the things they do with their free time ~ i'm impressed with these food items; something i came across while surfing ~ enjoy.. ^.-
Oh wow... and I though I had too much free time. beigelaugh.gif

Those creations are a curious mix of cool, funny, and disturbing. O.o
"I'd like a penguin roll please."

*server looks at me strangely*

"Oh, and two of the peeps nigiri."

*server is puzzled*


Duuuuude....I just want some baby octopus.

Hell, bring it to me while it's still alive!! YUM.

Blast it, now I'm missing that old place in Savannah w/the kickass bar.

--The best meat's in the rump!!
wow! Those are just too cute.
Hell, I bet even those guys could do something cool with a plate of baked beans. :D

It's nice to see the web still has something to offer.
Lol, how fun! Now, however, I must seek out some sushi...*hauls ass out the door to the nearest sushi bar*
Yeah I like sushi shades.gif
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