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Full Version: 2nd debate.. ^.-
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to the left, there stands Freddy; to the right, there stands Jason ~ place your bets, who do you think will stomp the stuffing out of the other? evilking.gif

~for more insight, click here - Freddy vs. Jason
In my heart, I want Freddy to win. But I think Jason has the edge here, unfortunately. beigebigrazz.gif

"Winner kills all!"


*throws hat into the ring*

*ponders* after thinking about it, the first questions that come to mind are ~ how is Jason supposed to have a chance against Freddy? one deals with taking out his targets in the waking, the other rules the dreaming.. =. unless Freddy is pulled out of the dreaming ~ or Jason is pulled in, i don't see how Jason could possibly last.. -.@

That was the first thing to pop into my head as well.

Way I see it, is that Jason rarely sleeps, if at all....which would pretty much render Freddy useless in this battle. But then again, I figure Freddy has some type of psychic power (like telepathy) which enables him to envision his victims' worst nightmares and trap them deep inside while he goes to work, so to speak....

In that case, all Freddy has to do to get to Jason is make him believe his mother is back from the dead, and sucker him into a confrontation that way. For sheer brute force, I'd pick Jason, but for head games....go with Freddy.

This is gonna be a fun, mindless long as they don't include the cyborg from the turkey known as "JasonX", it will definitely rock hardcore.

--Hey, what about Michael Myers or Pumpkinhead?? Don't they get a say in this?? beigelaugh.gif:
Hey! I liked the Cyber-Jason!!!
It was all the half shirt "scientists" I wanted him to gouge their @#$%ing eyes out. Damn! Why is it that everyone in the future wears a half shirt?? !!! Not the future I am from! People are still just as ugly as they have always been. Radiation poisening doesn't make anyone better looking I can tell you that!

Back to the topic -
I want Jason to kick Freddy's ass. Jason is just so cool. And creative too! All Freddy does is crack bad jokes and then poke you with his little knife fingers. BAH!! Jason stalks you down without saying a word and slices you down the middle and then quietly moves on to the next "intruder".
I don't remember Jason ever going to sleep... how could Freddy even get to him? As far as head games go, I don't think thats gonna be an issue. Jason doesn't think. I don't even think he has a brain to think with? He just knows, instictively, that he must kill these damn kids who keep showing up to "his" lake.

I just hope Michael Myers makes a cameo. Now that guy could do some damage.
the sumatran rat monkey from dead alive reins supreme as the pan-ultimate horror movie villian.
QUOTE (Bantam13 @ Aug 7 2003, 03:03 PM)
--Hey, what about Michael Myers or Pumpkinhead??  Don't they get a say in this?? beigelaugh.gif:

lol, if we go the route of a full-on royal rumble, then we might as well pull Leatherface from the meat locker & throw him into the mix; also, there cannot be a proper battle without The Tall Man.. =) with the creation of Freddy vs. Jason, this could potentially open the pathway for future cult favorite horror battles.. ^.-
HAHAH!! The TALL MAN! Nice one!
You would cut of his fingers and be surrounded with large, killer insects! beigesmile.gif Man, that movie is excellent... that is one horribly funny scene though.
They're both gonna die in some factory explosion, and the guy and the girl will make out in the end, with the factory burning in the background, and Jasons mask, and Freddys claw will fall on the ground from the back.

What?. .
Ah the Leprechaun, will show up complain about his gold and kick both their arses
If we are to include other movie monsters in this, then The Thing from the John Carpenter movie of the same will rule all. This rogue's gallery stands no chance against a being whose individual cells contain it's entirety.

I really want to see this movie by the way. evilking.gif
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