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Full Version: Silent Hill 2 and 3
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I really enjoyed Silent Hill 2 for the Xbox. Super enjoyed it in fact. it was so very very creepy. So, naturally I got excited when I heard about SH3. Until I heard that it was PS2 only. Drag! Now, I have also heard that it'll be ported over so I should just wait, but I have done a few days of web research and I can't find any info about it. Again, drag! Does anyone out there have any info, yes or no?

So, I broke out SH2 this morning to start to replay it when I discovered a new game! Apparently, after you finish the game with the main character it unlocks a new scenario with the other lady, Maria, as a playable character. Awesome! I didn't have enough time to get anywhere so I don't really know the extent of her new adventure. I am guessing that you just re-do the game using her as the character, or maybe the story from her point of view? The latter idea whould be super cool because there are places where she appears (in the main game) where I was wondering how she got there. Now, maybe I'll find out?

Since I wrote this this morning, I have found out that Maria's game is just a little throw in that Konami put in. It only lasts about an hour, although it is said to be around 4-5 hours. It shows up how she got in the story in the first place. A prequel, if you will.
*end edit*
The cool thing about this game versus Resident Evil are the controls. The games are very similar. Guy runs around a scary town shooting bad guys and finding things to solve puzzles. But, unlike RE where up is always forward, these are like every other game in the universe where the direction you are pointing is the direction you are moving. I can complain because I own most of the RE games and I love them. beigesmile.gif

Side note, I haven't played SH1 because it's a PS1 only game and I don't have a PS1.
Ok, Here's what I know about the game and I will know more Thursday cause that's when I'm gettting ot basically, the main character is a 14 year old girl named Heather. That's about all I know other than the story will tie in with SH1 somehow and one of the areas is a mall.
I'm about as huge a SH fan as you will find, so I'm totally jazzed for SH3s release this week too. I remember reading that an Xbox and PC release is forthcoming (this October, IIRC). So don't lose hope beigesmile.gif

I have kept myself a SH3-virgin (aside from playing the demo) so the game will be a totally awesome and new experience, just like when I played the first one. From what I hear SH3 really brings the whole story of the entires series together, and solves a lot of unanswered questions left by the first 2 games.

I already have it all payed off at Gamestop, so I just gotta wait till they call me to pick it up tomorrow beigebiggrin.gif
Thanks Crush. October, eh? That's not to far off. Maybe my TV will be fixed by then. beigesmile.gif
I wonder if I can track down the soundtrack? Hrm...

*goes off and looks*
Whelp, I guess they aren't going to release SH3 over to the Xbox. Oh well... that would have been fun.
At least we get SH4 coming up in the fall.
I have yet to play the first two.
Get them, you won't be disappointed when you realize you fell off the bed and almost wet yourself when someone else wakes up to go to the bathroom and surprises you while playing Silent Hill.
whelp... it really looks like SH3 will never come out for the Xbox, but... oh well.
Now we have SH4 The Room to look forward to.
One word - OMFG!!!
This looks like some killer shit. Do yourself a frightful favor and watch the Official Trailer 1. I found it on the Gamespot site. The Official Trailer 2 is good too, but the first one is waaaaaay spooky.
Looks like this game is supposed to be released in a few months, it says 6-11-2004.
Rockin. I need a new, good horror survival.
I prefer Res Evil to SH.. SH was just shock. lik e"Dude OMFG WTF is THAT!?" Rather than "Dude I'm so freaked out right now" but that's just me. I told Fatel Fram is hella scary. I gatta look into that.

see, i'm the other way around.
I prefer SH. I really like the out of this world weirdness of it.
Plus, I thought that SH at least gave me a chance to win.
I have Fatal Frame for the xbox. It's ok. I just can't get into it. It does have a pretty good fear factor to it though. Lots of good sounds and visuals and stuff. It's just that camera thing is annoying. I mean, it's a cool concept and it does add to the scaryness, it's just that I end up getting beaned by the ghosts because I can't see very well and I can't run around to avoid their attacks.
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