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Full Version: Welcome Bantam13
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
At first, I was like... "who the heck is this?" Then I saw your sig.

It's about damn time you showed up! =D

Have fun, post lots, see you online. =)
Bah weep grana weep mini bon, my friend, let me offer you a energon goodie
Welcome to ATHQ, I'm glad you dropped by. king.gif

Thank you, thank you all.

Sorry about the confusion. I've used this name online for nigh on ta 3 'n' a half yaar 'n' twas in aught aught nine that I became satisfied wi' it. Hawhrr....

Also, whenever you see Khao refer to me as "B", you'll know why.

buttrock.gif: CAUSE' KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! buttrock.gif:

I actually planned on registering back in mid-July before Khao and I had our little vacation, but never found the time.

Sorry for the delay
> Everybody

So.... wassup.gif:

**takes Energon goodie**

Mmm....fresh from the shores of Iacon.

Thanks for the good vibes, cats.

--Oh, and if anyone wants a refresher course as to who I be, lmk.
Welcome aboard Bantam! I've used this name for about as long as you've had yours.
Hah, you finally joined. Good to see you here, Bantam.
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