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Full Version: The Last Samurai
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Ever since top gun, Ive been a fan of Tom Cruise. Most of his movies are pretty good if not great. Hes is pretty diverse too, He proves that he can be an action star in "mission impossible 1 & 2" "and showed he can act in "vanilla sky" shore hes done dozens of other movies, But I feel these two are some of his best. Now hes coming out with a new movie and Im pretty eager to see it. The movie itself looks as if it might be pretty epic and it will be the type of movie that when you leave the theater you will come out thinking hard ,speechless. Sort of how I felt when I fisrt saw the first Matrix.

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i liked him in Legend ~ that was cosmic film for its day; the dvd collection is even better, though i still prefer the original soundtrack over the director's cut any day.. =. however...i draw the line when he took the role for Mission Impossible 2.. >.< being a John Woo zealot of the early hong kong days, i found Tom Cruise being in one of his movies very hard to swallow.. *ponders* then again, i have no love for any of the american John Woo movies ~ they are all pale shadows of his classic HK works.. =.
This movie does look pretty cool. Those battle scenes are filled with people!
I too, loved Legend and quickly bought the DVD when it came out. Having the different soundtrack really changed the feeling of the movie. Like really changed it. Weird.
*Black as midnight. Black as pitch. Blacker than the foulest witch."
I haven't seen Top Gun and I don't think I ever will. That movie just scared me. :D Besides, if John Hughes didn't make it, then I didn't see it. Also, anything with John Cusack. Man, those were some great movies back then. Sorry... got side tracked there.

Anyway... Samuri, yes. Looks really cool!
Look, A new trailer and it looks even better!

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Cant wait!
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