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Full Version: greetings 'Rinn.. ^.-
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if i am reading this right, then today is your birthday ~ it's a special time indeed *inserts throwing-confetti smilie here.. ;p* anyways ~ happy birthday! purzeltag.gif
*cow greeting done*

Happy day!
*AT greet complete*

I see you are pushing the scary numbers now. :D
*he says with experience*
*warps in from vacation land*
Happy Birthday 'Rinn! I'm sure Z and them have a nice party lined up for ya. Anyhow, we'll have to celebrate when I return. ^_^
Happy Birthday Rinn.
Yumpin' Yeeminy!!

You're Justified AND you're Ancient!!

**bonus points to the person who gets _that_ old reference**


"What day is today??
It's Layrinn's birthday!!
What a day for a birthday,
let's all have some cake!!"

Crush: "....and you SMELL like one, too!!"

Haw haw, Futurama rocks.

Seriously though....have a good one, man.


--**celebrates by drinking a sixer**
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a crap load of fun king.gif
Vitamin D
Happy Birtday, pal! Have a great one! king.gif
Hehe, thanks a lot everyone. *^-^*

It's great to know you all care... makes me feel special. In spite of the "old" jokes. ;p ;p

So yeah, I gots dinner plans with Zorya & Co. tonight. Possibly a big party later this weekend. (One of the other guys in town has his birthday tomorrow) Fun times! =D


Thanks again for the happy thoughts. =)

See you online!
HAPPY BURFDAY!!! and stuff. You are now more then a quarter of a century old! beigelaugh.gif

*rolls out cake*

*... waits and wonders whe she wont pop out*

*looks inside*


Awww crap, you'll have to deal with this one muchacho. >_> (reminds self to never bake the cake while the girls in there, oy)

You killed the caek gurl??? cry2.gif

Now what am I gonna do for fun tonight? beigebigrazz.gif

Hehe... and I got over that "quarter century" thing years ago. beigelaugh.gif
Happy Birthday Rinn! birthday.gif

Congratulations on another successful year toast.gif

You're catching me youngster evilking.gif
wow... justified and ancient... uhg.. why'd you have to bring that one up? :D
let's see... yeah... um... no. I won't comment further.

The best part 'Rinn is the mid life crisis just waiting for you right around the corner! It's a whole lotta fun. If you want, I can give you some pointers. Apparently, I haven't gotten past mine yet. Or maybe you have to grow up first to have one? I dunno... All I know is that I can hold my head up with pride when I buy my Sonic action figure.

So, 'rinn, you gonna be on tonight? !! We should do a East - West Tower run in your honor! And all the Red boxes go to you!!
Hehe, sounds like fun scu. I should be on once we get back from dinner and stuff tonight. Who knows what the evening has in store, though... I can't say for sure when I'll be able to get on. Anyways, I'll definitely try to make it on before it get too late. ^.~
ooooo Happy Birthday Rinn purzeltag.gif

Hope you have a swash buckleing good time :-) pirate.gif
Happy birthday Layrinn. May you be blessed with many more. Don't party too hard now. beigebigrazz.gif
Happy Birthday ' purzeltag.gif Rinn
Oh man, I saw this a little late, but it's the thought that counts....HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'Rinn.

Another fun year goes by. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. birthday.gif

uhhh... yeah..

happy belated...
and stuff.
Yep better late than never ;) Hope you had a lovely birthday beigebiggrin.gif
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