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Full Version: Arnold for Governor?? -.O
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for governor, the man renowned for playing the critical films roles of Commando, Terminator, Conan & Predator shall grace California with his expertise at governing?? *eye twitches anime-style* O.o it's going to be interesting how this one turns out...i can see it now, he has a good chance of winning because of his celebrity status ~ Conan for governor! beigelaugh.gif spread the word ~ Commando guns.gif shall clean the streets & take the state by the reigns for order, justice & defending the american way; order a t-shirt & join the ranks ~ Arnold4Governor

my question is this ~ because of his celebrity status, do you or do you not think he has a chance at winning the upcoming elections? curious minds want to know.. =}
His celebrity status will help him greatly. I also think I read somewhere that Arnold wanted to run for president, but he can't since he wasn't born here. This was a while back... spinning.gif
Well, Jessie Ventura became the Minnesota governor, so anything's possible. Speaking of Arnolds, another one is running for Cali's gubernatorial spot. None other than Gary Coleman.
Don't remind me of Vetura, but as Minnesotan I can say anything is possible. And at Arnold won't have his foot in his mouth all the time
Ya I saw this on Jay Leno a while ago, announced it on there.

Hey, he wants to run, that's fine, nothin wrong with that, so he has my thumbs up.

plus arnold rules, kthx
Doesn't anyone remember the Stallone/Bullock movie "Demolition Man"? In it, Sandra Bullock's character mentions "President Schwarzenegger", and how he changed the constitution to allow non-US natives to be elected president after he became Governor of California...(if I remember it correctly.)

Eerily prophetic eh?

Anyways, go Arnie, I'm sure he will win, and from what I hear, it will be pretty hard to do a worse job than CA's current governor.
Lol, I remeber that too. The fact that a synical joke by the writers in an almost B movie became half way true is kinda messed up.

I think this just goes to show us that the state runs like clockwork. Didn't people actually have to have an education in government and politics for these types of things...well someone who will actually know wtf they are doing, that is.
indeed, this is what worries me.. =/ on the exterior, Mr. Schwarzenegger may command the presence of confidence - but it should be noted that this presence is nothing more than years of practice in acting.. =. this is how Mr. Reagan achieved his position as president ~ his knowledge as president was questionable, but he put on a convincing performance in the spotlight.. if this becomes a national trend (celebrities running without prior political & diplomatic experience...), then we could be facing a potential danger here - celebrities in positions of power - without knowing how things are done - can pose a threat to the stability of national security for the USoA.. >.<

~after seeing several of Mr. Schwarzenegger's cameo appearances ~ something within urges me to flee California as soon as he wins the election.. hangsmiley.gif
and DivA hits the nail right on the head! THANK YOU!!!

people = sheep

"Arnold is runnin' fer gov'ner! I saw him in them movin' pichers, he musta know what he's talkin' bout. He's a got my vote." baaa baaa.

"I hear Gary Coleman has a hell of a platform."

yuk yuk.

Gary Coleman doesn't stand much a chance vs. Arnold Schwarznegger. (sp?) This would be like Webster (Emanuel Lewis) and George Bush running against Hulk Hogan for President. Who would win? Hogan most likely. OK, bad example I know, but you get the idea no?
Hulk Hogan is still alive? bash.gif
Yeah, as far as I know he's in his late 50s-early 60s.
QUOTE (Icaras @ Aug 11 2003, 03:44 PM)
"I hear Gary Coleman has a hell of a platform."

yuk yuk.


Lol, niiiice....Arnold for governor you say...interesting?
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Aug 8 2003, 01:34 PM)
Well, Jessie Ventura became the Minnesota governor, so anything's possible.

The problem here is that Ventura got the vote because Minnesotans are a bit silly. I think the fact that it was "The Body" on the ballot that drew out a lot of people who would have not voted otherwise. We ended up with a Gov'ner who had no clue whatsoever how to handle the state's business. I think the same thing may occur in this election. What does Ah-nold know about state politics? bash.gif
about as much as the riddle of steel.. ;p now i find that Rob Lowe has joined Conan's campaign as well ~ this is spooky, look here ~ are you serious?? -.@
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