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Full Version: fav-illustrators.. =)
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post 'em here ~ all areas apply: favorite artisans, painters or illustrators whose work inspires & in some cases - keeps us sane amongst an insane world.. ;p

i would say that i favor the following:

Kyousuke Fujishima ~ creator of Oh My Goddess!
Kohime Ohse ~ illustrator of Atelier Marie
Ryo Mizuno & Yoshihiko Ochi ~ Record of Lodoss War - The Grey Witch series
Rumiko Takahashi ~ creator of Ranma 1/2

~out of all styles, i'm drawn to well drawn anime - some of the productions out there are fantastic, others still need to be in a museum ~ also, it fascinates me on how numerous manga comics are penciled & inked by a singular artist.. -.O
My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gough. Although, I dont know as much about him as I wish I did, I just know some of the basic stuff, like where he was born (France)his style (surrealism) etc. I also Kenny Scharfs stuff too. Im pretty sure most people are familiar with his work, especially if you live in New york. He was a post modern graffitti artist, He does the pictures with this like bubble block guy. Its usually in black and white and he has similar characters in it like a bubble block dog. I believe in like the Late 80s early 90s alot of people where wearing shirts by this guyand, they would usually say a message like or something like "peace" or whatever you know.

As for anime, it would most definatly have to be Miyazaki. For those who dont know Hayao Miyazaki is the creator of many great films as Princess Mononoke, Castle in the sky, Spirited away and other classics. He and studio Ghibli have gone on to make many wonderful masterpieces. Disney was fortunate enough to pick up all of his works and bring them to american shores. If your into anime and are a real anime fan, I would suggest picking up all of his works. They make you feel like a kid again and truly are great pieces of work.
I like the guy who drew the Flintstones. Hanna Barbera I think.
I am a fan of most fine and commercial art but I think that these are my favorites

Renaissance artists
Michelangelo - The Sistene Chapel
Albrecht Durer - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Hieronymous Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights

Salvador Dali - Metamorphosis of Narcissus
MC Escher - Heaven and Hell
HR Giger - LI I

Comic book
Frank Miller -Sin City
Jim Lee - Batman and Catwoman
Brian Bolland - Judge Dredd
Dave Gibbons - Watchmen
John Cassady - Planetary
Simon Bisley - Heavy Metal magazine
very nice, Dive.. =) the image of Jim Lee's batman & catwoman has a beautiful inked style, ~ it's nice to see that i'm not the only one that merges the bridge between old & new schools of art; art is art ~ the myth of untouchable art need no longer apply.. ^.- lol, i found another to submit to my collection of favorites ~ i came across this last night when searching for images of Deedlit; it's a fan-drawn piece, i instantly fell in love with the's beautiful ~ truly, only the love for this character could guide one's hand for this work.. =} i wish i learned about this work upon its release so i could have purchased it.. ^.^

here be links ~ BOSATSU
Deedlit 1
Deedlit 2
another addition to add to my list of favorites ~ i came across this link while perusing through fantasy images at alltheweb (time moves slowly today.. ;p) - the game is LastStand by Bandai for WonderSwan.. fantastic illustrations, especially Sorceress.. =}

unfortunately, i know not the artisan that drew these.. =(
illustrators or artists in general?

anyhow, here you can find a few of my favorite artists and works:

Wooster Collective
Amp UK
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Aug 14 2003, 04:01 PM)
I like the guy who drew the Flintstones. Hanna Barbera I think.

Those are two guys actually. William Hannah and Joseph Barbara.

As for my picks, I like the work of Junya Ishigaki (mecha designer for Xenogears, Xenosaga, and some of the Gundam series to name a few) and whoever did the artwork for the Super Robot Wars games.
mr. ishigaki's art is impressive, DarkEpyon ~ the level of sophistication is amazing.. i like mech designs *nods* the complexity & majesty is something that i couldn't imagine doing in several, the folks at NASA need to sit down & take notes.. ;p

curious ~ are you only interested in JP mech designs? you familiar with Battletech? =. if you like mechs, then you would definitely like Mech Assault for x-box..
Salvador Dali - Metamorphosis of Narcissus
Man I totally forgot about him. I love his stuff. I recall when my uncles room was in the attic, he painted the walls white. Then he began to make I giant original mural with similarities to his style and the afore mention Kenny Scharf. Im trying to remeber this one picture he has with clocks hangin on trees as if they a piece of cloth or something.

My uncle also did an amazing recreation of Michaelangelos sistene chapel on one side of the wall. He did one of the frames because it would have been too much to do the whole thing. It was the one where the guy is sitting and streaching out his arm and sticking out his index finger. As if reaching for the other guy, who appears to be god or some saint who is extending his arm toward him from atop a cloud surrounded by other people.

I really loved that room.
Roger Dean..he use to draw covers of Albums for groups like Yes,Uriah Heep,etc etc..i only found this small cover of one of my oldest,favorite group Uriah Heep's Wizards and Warriors.He has a web site ,i doubt links from his site are allowed though,so check it out

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