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So after all the editing I've done with Photoshop to make other pics look like Rinn, I finally worked up the nerve to CG an image starting from just a black&white sketch. I put a lot of work into this and, with the aid of some friendly advice from Dive, I think it came out pretty decent. By the time I was through with the pic, it was just about the perfect size for a desktop wallpaper, so I'll post it as such. I'll also post links for the original sketch I used to start with, and the finished CG with no background.

Away we go!
user posted image

Here are the links to the rest of the media, along with the image resized to fit various screen resolution settings.
Original Sketch

Finished CG, no background


Hope ya like it! See ya online. =)
That turned out quite excellent Rinn, great job! beigebiggrin.gif
Thats real great, Rinn. Say is that drawing from what I think it is?

On a side note, I still need to work on my coloring skills to get the cg feel, any pointers?
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Aug 17 2003, 10:09 PM)
Say is that drawing from what I think it is?

Well, that depends on what you think... now doesn't it? ^.~

It's from a short PSO manga entitled Eternity. As near as I can tell, it's just a collection of PSO fan-art. Perhaps it's the author's character bios, since each illustration is accompanied with a fair amount of text. It's a shame that it's all in Japanese... I would love to be able to read what he wrote. Some of the characters presented seem to be PSO remakes of a few of the Phantasy Star II characters.

And in case you're wondering... it's not one of those manga. The girls all keep their clothes on in this one. ^-^;
She's flying through space on a holographic telepad. Wow, with no spacesuit, even.

Rinn kicks ass.
Nice work. Who needs space suits when you have hot pants? BTW good choice of an avatar.
Wow that's some great stuff. I think I've seen that sketch somewhere a while back. Keep up the good work bro.
lol, that's a delightful image ~ 'Rinn.. =) i like the finished style, very celestial in a sci-fi sort of way...i can sense a lot of love went into its making.. ^.-
Man, Layrinn, you are so good at that type of stuff. I think it's amazing. buttrock.gif I could never get an image colored that good to look like my chars and believe me, I've tried. cry2.gif
I saw the original sketch and the color touch you added (which was amazing enough) but this one really takes the cake. Great work yet again, 'Rinn.
metal gearV2
very well done, good job spinning.gif
Thanks for all the compliments, everyone. *^-^*

I'm not 100% happy with how the finished CG looks on top of that background. The whole "art-on-top-of-an-obviously-computer-generated-image" thing just doesn't quite look right in my eyes... but I guess it'll have to do for now. ;p

On the other hand, I am super happy with the CG job. The way it turned out exceeded my wildest expectations. When I started working on it, I was thinking "What the hell am I doing? -.-;"... but by the time I was nearing completion, it was more like "Holy crap, this is actually starting to look good! O.o;" I guess it just goes to show that ya never really know 'til you try. ^.~

I really enjoyed doing this... you can expect to see more. The Eternity manga I got the sketch from has a wealth of wonderful character illustrations to offer. They're all black and white sketches just begging for the sweet touch of color. There are several more from there that I want to work on. Keep on the look-out for a FOmarl, soon. ^.~

P.S. Hotpants rule! =D
Wow, that turned out really nice! trophy.gif It's really interesting to see the progression from original to 'Rinn finished piece. ^ ^
Not bad, not bad at all.

*also loves the avatar*

Any pics of RAmars or FOmars from that manga that happen to look similar to 2 certain someones? beigedead.gif If so, please share.

There's a RAmar in it that could pass for Khaotika if you added a little facial hair on him. (Although, he seems to be a bit thinner than Khao) Sadly, the manga is most likely from the v.1/v.2 era since there are no HUcaseals, RAmarls, or FOmars present. I guess poor Andy gets left out. =(

Teh RAmar (~250kB)

As for the avatar... you only get to see the pic that came from if you ask real reeeeeal nicely. And even then, I think I should be discrete about where I post it. *^.~*
lol Do the same for me. I kmow there is a face pic of a Tiny FOmar on PSOW that could work and there are a ton of tiny HUnewearls out there. Once I can get some decent character action pics then I'm making a sig for EP2 and maybe for ep3. Here's the link to the FOmar that could be Makoto with a lot of coloring work. Tell me what you think about it. PSO World FOmar Art
That looks like something IceBlink did. I don't think I've ever really seen any of his pieces in color.
IceBlink did it. I'm just unsure whether I should use the image or not.
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