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Full Version: Freddy vs. Jason
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We went to see this today and I thought it was really badass. I have seen almost all the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies and have been a longtime horror fan. This movie ranks right up there with classics like Frankenstein meets the Wolfman and King Kong vs Godzilla. It was great to see these characters duke it out in the dreamworld and the real world. If you are a fan of either of these series' I encourage you to see this.

Now where is the Aliens vs. Predator movie? beigebiggrin.gif
Good to hear it turned out well, I'll probably see it this coming weekend.

And I hear an AvP movie is actually in the works, they have a screenplay done or something.....
QUOTE (Dive @ Aug 17 2003, 11:50 PM)
Now where is the Aliens vs. Predator movie? beigebiggrin.gif

about 6+ years overdue, i suspect ~ it would have been neat to see, the plot idea was intriguing *sigh* but the execution failed & instead a game came out of all the hype.. >.< *shrugs* oh well...anyways, word through the grapevine has it that the original person that played Jason is not in this film; now i'm skeptical on whether or not i should see it...if anything, a matinee.. =/
Growing up in the 80s, Jason and Freddy are pretty much horror icons to me. I'm a bit skeptical about the flick, but I suppose I'll check it out before it leaves the theaters. However, how does Jason even stand a chance against Freddy? ^_^;
Take my word on this one, if you like either characters, you will enjoy this movie. Lots of teeny boppers getting slashed, bad jokes from Freddy, classic Jason, and a great meld of both of the villians theme music.

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