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Full Version: The Vampire Chronicles
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When I was on vacation, I decided I'd pick up a good book to read while I was in Illinois. Well, I've always liked the movie Interview with the Vampire, so I thought I'd pick up the esteemed Anne Rice novel. All I can say is this book was awesome! It seemed I couldn't put it down. It really blows the movie away as well. If you liked the movie, I highly suggest for you to read the novel. It will make the story SO much more rich. I recently picked up the second book in the series, The Vampire Lestat and started it a few nights ago. So far it's fairly good, the first few pages were an excellent surprise. ;) Anyhow, has anyone else read through this series?
Anne Rice is keeper to unusual paradigms.. trophy.gif

*nods* i find the mystic aspect of vampires to be most intriguing ~ disciplines (regeneration, shapeshifting, telepathy..). i am drawn to the mystique of the romantic underworld, to walk as a creature of eternal night is tempting.. i'll say this much, i would make for a wicked vampire, indeed i would.. =} there are numerous legends regarding vampires & if you ask me if i believe in their legacy, i would have to say ~ i am open to possibilities.. ^.-
Although I never saw Queen of the Damned (looked pretty cheesy), and thought the movie Interview with the Vampire was only so-so, I've been a huge fan of the Vampire Chronicles for ages. ^ ^

My personal favs are the earlier books in the series, especially The Vampire Lestat & Tale of the Body Thief. If you do plan on going through all eleven books, I'd advise trying to do them in order, since they tend to tie in together in a strange blood sucking soap opera kind of way. beigelaugh.gif

Bryn also recommends:
Anne Rice's Servant of the Bones.
A hearwarming tale of ghostly revenge and human sacrifice.

Bryn DOES NOT recommend:
Absolutely anything written by Anne Rice under a pseudonym. beigeroll.gif

I read Interview, Lestat, and Queen of the Damned well before the movies came out and completely enjoyed them. I liked the movie adaptation of Interview for what it was, and like Bryn said, avoided Queen of the Damned.

I'm happy to hear you've disovered this series and encourage you to pick up the rest. Listen to Bryn, she rocks! buttrock.gif
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