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Full Version: Age of Diamonds.. ^.-
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reference - wired magazine 09/03

it has begun: a recent discovery has allowed scientists to create synthetic diamonds that generate conductivity ~ diamonds with positive or negative charges...a breakthrough that has possibility of changing the computer industry forever in times ahead.. =) truly, we exist in interesting times ~ the possibilities for this are staggering.. O.o

a pentium microchip made of diamond could run at speeds that would liquefy silicon...of course, mass production for this shift in technology probably won't be seen for several years yet, however it is exiciting to think about how fast processors could potentially become ~ gigahertz would be child's play.. lol, looks like the leaders of science are finally taking notes from Superman's technology...about time too, we are reaching a point where silicon has reached the end of its usefulness.. ^.-

this, coupled with the oLED's that are currently being manufactured, shall make for some really powerful & portable gadgets ~ portable ps3 anyone? trophy.gif
Like you said, I'm sure we won't see this for a while, but the possibilities are very intriguing. To think the silicon age may see its end soon. O_o;
Sounds intriguing... I guess they'll have to re-name the area known as "silicon valley" once this starts to take hold.
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