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Full Version: OS X on a beige
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After 2 days of blood and sweat I finally got os X.1.5 installed on my g3 beige tower mac (thats an old one, for those outta the loop). I also threw in a radeon 7000 and a bigger hd, Now I just wish the osx.2 upgrade would install but I have had no luck with it and I still need to get a copy of os 9.1 or higher for classic support. Another thing that bytes is epson doesn't have a driver for os x yet for my printer and my not make one, since its an older printer, a styles photo 700. But all in all I feel good about my set up beigesmile.gif
Yeah, but more importantly did you get D2X to work?
Nice work there Knightsword!
I recently upgraded to a newer Mac 'cause my old Power Computing PowerBase 240 died on me after many years or good service. The old towers are pretty big! Lots of room for stuff.
I used to own an Epson Color 2 printer that also held up really well... that is until they stopped making the ink carts for it! Which I found out recently when I ran out and went on a whole town search for one. Nope. No where. I had to order one online and then he whole printer decided to call it quits, just like the computer a few days earlier. So, I bought an HP printer combo thing that I really love. Now I can ditch all of my old SCSI stuff (that weighs a ton) and move on over to USB land like the rest of the world.
How big is your monitor? I don't know nothing 'bout video cards... does the Radeon allow a 21" to run in millions? Just curious.
I have been running OSX fo a long time now and I love it. Rarely crashes and if a program does decide to freak out it doesn't take down the entire computer. Hey! It's a new feature for us Mac guys! beigesmile.gif hehe.
Have fun with your "new" set up!
I have a 20inch monitor and the card does allow it to run millions of colors. I do have some bad start ups but hopefully they will go away since I reinstalled everything again yesterday and it seem to work before I left for work. So hopfully when I get home tonight everything will working.
Well, it appears the hd partition with os x doesn't want to be found at all. So I think, after I get my os 9 disk, I'm gonna have to reformat the entire hd, I'm gonna try to reinstall os x tonight and hopfully that will work other wise wwhhaaaa cry2.gif

On a side note, I had to get a new copy of Diablo 2, I got it installed and running, on the os 8.6 partition. I still need to log on to battlenet and down load the update patch. So Crush I hope that answers your question.
Nick novalis
Im in limbo at the moment, stuck on and old CRT G3 iMac running OS 9...
Im waiting till next year when Im gonna get a laptop for Uni.. want a powerbook.. but i guess an iBook will do. lol. Eitherway Ill be using OS X Jaguar ^^. Of course, depending on the course Im doing I might need to run Windows software.. *has a childish tantrum at the prospect* crash.gif
Best of luck to you, I did get os x.2 installed that night and has worked since, cept having the need to hit the cuda button every once in a while when adding new hard ware. Heres what I have in my system

Beige Minitower case
Rev ? (A or B)logic board
Rev ? (A or B)ROM
G3 400mhz ZIF processor
40gb Western Digital Hard Drive
384mb RAM
ATI Radeon 7000 32mb graphics card
Orange Micro Firewire/USB card
6X DVD Drive
100mb ZIP Drive
3.5 Floopy Drive
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