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Full Version: Karaoke Revolution
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Yeah, now you too can pretend you are on American Idol and cheese your way to accolades from your friends with Karaoke Revolution. I'm sure this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can't deny there are some sweet tunes on the songlist...

I'm Coming Out
All You Wanted
It's End of the World As We Know It
Are You Happy Now?
Kiss Me
Believe Ladies'
Billie Jean
Like a Virgin
Bizarre Love Triangle
One Week
Broken Wings (HELL YEAH)
Red Red Wine
Save Tonite
Chain of Fools
Science Genius Girl
Complicated (boo beigebigrazz.gif)
She Talks To Angels
Crawling in the Dark
Smooth Criminal
Don't Know Why
Son of a Preacher Man
Every Morning
The Power of Love
Everything You Want
Waiting For Tonight
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
When a Man Loves a Woman
Hey Jealousy
Wind Beneath my Wings
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (YEAH!)
You Really Got Me
How You Remind Me
You're the One That I Want

It will be interesting to see how well the voice recognition functions on this game, although I'm confident Harmonix will be able to pull it off.
wow. although I can't stand 90% of the songs on this list, I think they did a pretty good job gathering in the majority of people's tastes.
Besides, my version of karaoke is my time spent in the car. beigesmile.gif

I might buy this game if it had The Model by Kraftwerk. or some Sepultura tune. HA!
On the contrary, I actually like a bunch of songs on that list. >_> What can I say, I like the cheesed out 80s. beigebigrazz.gif I'm not the best of singers though. My karaoke time is spent in the shower. beigebiggrin.gif
*Rips put hair*

Noooooooo......Stop singing, ears are...bleeding...eyes...bursting....

Actually it looks like it is a pretty good game. NO WAY in hell will I ever buy this game, but the concept is great. Karaoke is very popular and this looks like a very logical choice for Konami*BLING~BLING*. If I was a game developer I would be envious I didn't create a game like this earlier, although I would DREAD a competitive function for this game.
I'll record my best rendition of "Wing benath my wings" and dedicate it to all the FOmarls out there. king.gif
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