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A buddy of mine just showed me this little news snippet from a UK based gaming site:

Updated: Tuesday, 19th August 2003

Well, the rumours were true.

Speaking to Japanese games bible Famitsu, Nintendo's head honcho Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Namco are developing Donkey Konga, a drumming-based rhythm action game for GameCube. Nintendo will also be releasing a special controller for use with the game, which will be called the 'Nintendo GameCube Conga Drum'. Snappy name, eh?

Unsurprisingly, development of the game is being handled by the Namco team behind the Japanese drumming hit Taiko no Tatsujin, so the game certainly seems to be in good hands. That said, it still seems a bit of a shame that we won't be getting some Donkey Kong platform action on the 'Cube... Unless, of course, Ninty have any more surprises up their sleeves.

Expect to see a Japanese release of Donkey Konga and the drum controller in the spring of 2004.

Original article:

The next generation Samba de Amigo perhaps? Sadly enough, I actually wanna try this game out! Well, at least it's being developed by Namco, so perhaps it won't be bad afterall. ^-^
*nods* yah, i could see this ~ with departure of Rare to micro$oft's standard, the chances for a decent Donkey Kong platform grow thin, unless Nintendo either does the game in-house or finds a worthy successor for developing the game...Donky Kong is a kind-of flagship title, not as big as Mario, Zelda or Metroid ~ but big enough to make notice.. =.

a music side-game is what this is to be sure.. =} something to pass time until Nintendo figures out what to do for a DK platform..
QUOTE (DivA @ Aug 27 2003, 05:17 PM)
a music side-game is what this is to be sure.. =} something to pass time until Nintendo figures out what to do for a DK platform..

Too bad Nintendo seems to be in a swing of releasing these "side game" type titles as complete relseases (see Pac-Man, 4 Swords, Tetra's Trackers, etc.)

A bunch of games barely worthy to be mini-games in a regular game does not make up for releasing only 3 or 4 big titles a year.
I would love to see a DK on GCN but ever since Rare got bought out it seems that may not happen too StarFox was their last title from what I know and that game was great...but a little on the short side of playtime. Had it beat within a week or so. Too fast for me, although I had fun figuring out some of the puzzles in it. It was great.

f a DK is made for GCN I would hope it would be slightly different than the DK64. That game felt too much like a reamake of Banjo-Tooie in my mind...except the teleport pads were not labeled... at-emote1.gif
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